Brave CF and the Philippines - a match made in heaven

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Wherever Brave goes, athletes from the Philippines can always count on their fans to make themselves heard. In the two years since the promotion hosted its first event, Brave has taken its Filipino stars to places such as Brazil, Pakistan, Morocco, and Northern Ireland, and fans have followed suit in making sure their support was felt by the likes of Jeremy Pacatiw and bantamweight champion Stephen Loman.

Particularly at Brave 13, held last June in Northern Ireland, the Filipino crowd caught the attention of MMA superstar Conor McGregor, who was watching his teammate Frans Mlambo take on Loman for the belt.

The Philippines has a long-standing love story with combat sports, and legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao has led the way for MMA stars such as Loman and Pacatiw, along with their Team Lakay partners, to become stars in their country and respected in their communities for representing the Philippines with distinction on an international platform.

And the duo, led by the Team Lakay leadership, have given back to their communities with several visits and seminars in self-defense to Filipino schools in Baguio City, where they hail from.

That support has also been felt in Bahrain, as some of the Filipino fighters have used their time in the country for Brave events to influence youngsters from the Philippines who live in Bahrain, with Ambassador Alfonso Ver highlighting the importance of seeing Filipino fighters represented in the biggest stage of combat sports that Brave Combat Federation provides to its athletes.