Sunday, June 09, 2019

The main event of UFC 238 featured a bantamweight title fight between flyweight champion Henry Cejudo and top contender Marlon Mor


Official Result: Henry Cejudo defeated Marlon Moraes by TKO (Strikes, Round 3, 4:51)


Round 1 – Moraes kicks the leg immediately. Cejudo switching stances a bit. Cejudo kicks high, but it’s blocked. Moraes leaps with a left that misses. Cejudo moving well on the outside, avoiding the big strikes. He kicks the leg, but Moraes swings back with a flurry. Moraes’ speed is very evident. Cejudo being patient right now to avoid those dangerous strikes. Nasty low kick from Moraes. He’s holding the center and trying to cut off the cage. Moraes kicks the leg. Cejudo drives for a takedown, but Moraes able to turn and scamper away. Moraes blocks a high kick and counters with punches. Another low kick for Moraes. High kick misses. Cejudo on the outside, and Moraes delivers another pair of low kicks. Cejudo does not want to keep taking those. Moraes kicks to the body. He lands a big left hand up top, but Cejudo wears it well and returns fire, landing one of his own. Moraes kicks low again to close. MMA Junkie gives Moraes the round, 10-9.

Round 2 – Cejudo out quickly and flashes out a high kick that misses. Moraes fakes a punch and misses a high kick. Moraes continues to attack the legs. He lands an uppercut, but Cejudo counters and lands a shot of his own, sending Moraes briefly off-balance. Moraes partially lands a high kick. Cejudo is still moving forward, looking to attack in explosive bursts, but Moraes is avoiding well and chopping at the leg. Halfway through the round. Cejudo isn’t backing down, but he’s having trouble getting sustained offense together. Moraes sweeps Cejudo to the floor. Cejudo quickly back up, and there’s a sense of urgency. He’s lacing out big punches and finding some success. Moraes swinging back. It’s back and forth now. Cejudo gaining some momentum. He grabs a Thai clinch and starts bombing knees. Moraes landing inside, as well. High kicks for Moraes. They trade shots until the bell. Unbelievable. MMA Junkie leans slightly toward Cejudo, 10-9.

Round 3 – Cejudo out quickly and firing punches up the middle. He’s trying to keep the pressure high. Moraes misses a high kick over the top. Cejudo pushes into the clinch and drives the fight to the cage. Moraes able to defend well and slip back to the center. Moraes returns to the low kick. Cejudo has his attention now. Right hand for Moraes. He complains of an eye poke, and referee Marc Goddard steps in for a brief timeout. Moraes misses a high kick on the restart. He’s throwing big punches, but Cejudo having success with knees in the clinch, as well. Moraes’ nose is busted up a little, and blood is starting to trickle out. Cejudo into the clinch. He controls the neck and snaps the action to the canvas, trying to set up the D’Arce. Not there. He tries to spin to the back, but Moraes gets to a seated position. Cejudo with a knee that hits the chest, so it’s deemed legal to the downed foe. Moraes looks for the armbar from his back. Cejudo spins free. He’s still on top, and he grinds away with big elbows and forearms from the top. Into the final minute. Moraes stuck on his back right now. Cejudo landing big punches and trying to finish the fight. The strikes continue with referee Marc Goddard watching closely. Cejudo keeps punching, and this fight is called off with just seconds left in the frame.