Conor McGregor on the year 2020

Top 5 AMAZING quotes from Conor McGregor
Top 5 AMAZING quotes from Conor McGregor

2020 brought us 1,300,000+ deaths from the COVID-19 global pandemic, 100,000,000+ people facing starvation from the ensuing economic shutdown, riots across the globe, the election of the leader of the free world called into doubt from powerful quarters, 1,000,000,000 animals killed in Australian wildfires, locusts, and murder hornets. However, former UFC champ champ Conor McGregor spoke recently with Parimatch, and expressed optimism.

“I’m saying, you know there are challenges, of course, every year, every day, every second, there are always challenges,” said McGregor. “But for me I an optimist true and true, and although there are lots of things going on around the world, there is a lot of opportunity. There are lots of opportunities to adapt to evolve in something else. All businesses are forced to adapt and evolve and that is only good. Any time, even if you’re forced to look at yourself in the mirror and your own practices and how ways of how you’re carrying yourself and you’re forced to assess that and make growth through that, that is only a positive.

“So I look at this year as an opportunistic year. There are a lot of things moving and shaking and you best believe through this situation we are faced with, you will see some amazing things take place. I just look at it with an opportunistic mindset and I’m very optimistic that good things will happen from it.”

“Anytime something bad has happened to me, or anytime I’ve been faced with something that forces me to look at myself or look at the surroundings, it’s always worked out for the better. You’ve got to go through the storm to get to the sun, as they say. So that for me is the way I’m looking at this year.”

“Rather than looking out all the time at the doom and the gloom that’s all around us at times – sometimes it feels like it’s so overwhelming – look within. Look within yourself. What are the – what feel like minor things but are actually the major things – what are the minor things that you can do in your own self that can make you better? Are you eating correct, are you exercising correct, are you resting correct? Back to the basics, back to the foundation, back to the core. Handle these things and the outlook will begin to appear so much better. It has to begin within.”

h/t Jed Meshew for MMA Fighting

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