Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Former BRAVE CF contender Khamzat "Borz" Chimaev had one the most spectacular UFC debuts in memory on Fight Island, winning two fights within a record-setting ten days, and earning $50,000 performance bonuses for each. Chimaev was asked post-fight about how quickly he wants to win the UFC welterweight title.

“As soon as possible,” replied Chimaev. “I will not fight once a year — five, six, seven, as many as possible. If I win all my fights, if I finish everybody like I do, I get it soon. I don’t think they want to give me a tough fight because I only have two fights. But if they do, I will be happy to smash somebody from the Top 10."

UFC president Dana White, who is looking for an opponent for Chimaev at UFC 252 on August 15, spoke recently with ESPN's Brett Okamoto about "Borz."

“Khamzat. I mean, you know? The guy is so dominant, so confident, wants to continue to fight every weekend,” said White. “I love it. I love guys with that mentality. I love how talented this guy is. We threw the hottest prospect out of the U.K. at him and that kid is a badass. That kid is a legit great fighter. [Chimaev] made it look like he didn’t belong there. … The kid is legit. He’s real and he knows it and I love it.

“He said he wanted to fight and I said, ‘Done. I’ll make it happen.' He wants to fight now again in August. I’m going to get him what he wants.”

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out. We were sitting in here this morning trying to figure out what we think is next. If you ask this kid, he’s ready to fight Usman. You know what I mean? Is he ready for Usman? The way he looks, who knows? Maybe.”

What do think UG? Who is Chimaev ready for? Cowboy? Another debuting UFC fighter? Usman??!?

h/t Adam Guillen Jr. for MMA Mania