Dana White concedes fight stoppage probably correct

Nate Diaz makes crazy claim about Conor and the UFC

When the Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal fight was stopped by the ringside doctor due to a cut after Round 3, the crowed booed and Twitter reacted hard, but UFC president Dana White spoke with Megan Olivi afterward and said it appeared to be the right decision.

“Cuts that big are always a problem,” said White, as transcribed by Nolan King for MMA Junkie. “When it first got stopped, I was like, ‘Come on, man. You guys didn’t stop the Tyson Fury fight. It wasn’t these guys; it was a different commission. But basically, I’m saying that fight didn’t get stopped for cuts.”

“As I just went back and talked to Nate Diaz and looked at Nate Diaz’s face, his eyebrow is literally flipping over like this. And he has another cut right underneath it. The fight probably should have been stopped. Could Nate Diaz keep going? Did Nate Diaz want to keep going? Yes. That’s why we love Nate Diaz. But he probably shouldn’t have.”

“I think doctors know when they see a cut that’s either putting the fighter’s health at risk, meaning he can’t see – which Nate Diaz absolutely, positively could not see out of that eye. He kept trying to wipe the blood out. At one point, I saw the blood squirting out of it. It’s easy for us all to act tough – me sitting over in my comfy chair by the octagon and everybody else at home and in the stands. Nate Diaz was in there split wide open, over and under the eye. It probably should have been stopped.”

White was also asked about a rematch.

“No, it doesn’t interest me right away,” said the UFC boss at the post-fight press conference, as transcribed by Nolan King for MMA Junkie. “I think that I got asked a couple of questions tonight. ‘Diaz comes on in the later rounds. If this fight had gone later, would they have stopped it?’ But it didn’t. It got stopped with cuts and Masvidal looked very dominant. And he looked good.”

“He’s looked good all year. He’s had nothing but great fights all year. If anybody is the fighter of 2019, it’s definitely that kid. I think he’s got some big options coming his way … There’re a lot of options for him I think right now. We’ll see. We’ll see how everything plays out.”