Dana White: Edgar one or two fights from a 135 title shot

Human beings get fatter and slower with age, but former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is no ordinary mortal. “The Answer” won the UFC lightweight championship in 2010, dropped to featherweight in 2012 losing a title shots three times, and on Saturday night at UFC on ESPN 15, at the age of 38, Edgar dropped to bantamweight. He’s still fast, and won a Split Decision over formerly #5 ranked Pedro Munhoz.

Edgar’s manager suggested a title shot.

At the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was impressed with Edgar’s performance, but pumped the brakes a little.

“There’s some things that have to play out and there’s people ahead of him,” said White. “He put on a good showing tonight and put himself in a good position, but he’s got some work to do there. Two [more fights] or one, we don’t know, it depends on who he fights next.”

“Listen, the guy’s gonna be 39 years old in October or November. To say that he looked better at 155, 145, or whatever, the career that the guy has had has been unbelievable.

“The fact that he’s still performing the way that he’s performing at his age and the wars that he’s been through and all the things that he’s accomplished, yeah I’d say that he looked pretty damn good tonight.”

“What’s funny is Joe Silva texted me tonight and said, ‘Remember when Frankie would get pissed at us when we would tell him to move down from 155?’ and here he is tonight. But yeah, he just fought the No. 5 guy in the world and he won.”

There was a degree of controversy around the Split Decision, and White was asked to comment.

“It was a close fight. It was close,” said White. “If they’d have said Munhoz, I wouldn’t have said, ‘Oh my God, that’s crazy’ either. Either one of those guys could have won that fight.”

Alexander K. Lee for MMA Fighting

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