Daniel Cormier: Michael Chandler needs to do THIS

Former three-time Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler makes his league debut at UFC 257 on January 24th. vs. #6 ranked Dan Hooker. Former champ champ Daniel Cormier discussed the debut on his DC & Helwani Show.

“Perfect fight,” Cormier said on DC and Helwani. “Dan Hooker is going to challenge and make Michael Chandler fight in every aspect of mixed martial arts. Hooker is as tough as they come, he’s from a great team, he’s got unbelievable fighting spirit, will, cardio. I mean, him and Dustin Poirier went to absolute war in the APEX just recently. So if you want to see whether or not Michael Chandler is ready for the elite of the division, he has to fight and beat Dan Hooker, which is not an easy thing to do.”

“Challenging fight,. I’m not exactly sure. Outside of Patricio Pitbull – who is fantastic – this will be the toughest fight he’s ever had. . . When you look at who Dan Hooker is today, in his absolute prime, coming off a main event fight with Dustin Poirier where it went tit for tat for over 25 minutes, this is easily one of the biggest fights Chandler’s ever been involved in. He also gets the rub. He gets to fight on the same night as Conor McGregor. It really will elevate Chandler if he gets the job done. But if he doesn’t, we’re back in the situation where you have those highly thought of free agents and it doesn’t work out.”

“I know my guy [Khabib Nurmagomedov] is one of the biggest stars in the world now, but do you remember UFC 205? I want to fight your chicken!’ … Khabib’s on the prelims: ‘I want to fight your chicken!’ then all of a sudden they start to mention Khabib and Conor in the same breath. Khabib isn’t the champ yet, he’s a young guy on his way up and then it just builds and the UFC can call back to that.

“For Chandler to be in the co-main event, it puts him in a perfect spot. And Dan Hooker, too. If I’m Dan Hooker and I win, I’m immediately saying something about McGregor. Whoever wins at 155 pounds on that fight card, you say something about McGregor because guess what? McGregor doesn’t have the ability to not respond. He will say something back. Because he gets going and he’ll just kind of say something and elevate you. There’s a level of stardom that comes with fighting on and with this dude that I’ve never seen. So I’m calling him out if I’m Michael Chandler and I’m glad to be in that spot.”

h/t Jed Meshew for MMA Fighting

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