Thursday, July 30, 2020

Robert Whittaker kicked Darren Till in the knee at UFC on ESPN 14 in Round 2; the effect was immediately apparent. It was widely believed that Till suffered a significant injury, and that has been confirmed by his coach Colin Heron.

"Torn MCL, doctors are amazed he was able to stand up for the last three rounds," texted Heron to ESPN. "He is in a cast for six weeks then we'll reassess, hopefully it will start to knit while immobilized."

Till knew during the fight that something was terribly wrong, telling his corner he could not move properly. And after the fight, "The Gorilla" good-naturedly detailed what happened.

“I don’t like to sit here and I’m not the type [to make] excuses, but I have to give credit to Rob in the second round. He knee stomped me, like I did to Stephen Thompson ... they should be illegal,” said Till, laughing, as transcribed by Nolan King for MMA Fighting. “It just blew my knee, like my knee just went 'pwooo' under me, crashed. That was it then for the whole fight. I just had to stay static and sort of just fight on it.

“I hid the pain even, I don’t think he recognized. But I was still in there. I’m not trying to sit here and say, ‘Oh me knee gone,’ whatever. Maybe it just stopped me bouncing a bit, but it was a real good fight. I feel like I won it. I feel like we both won the fight—I’m not saying I feel like I won it, it’s just we both won. It was a clinically great match.”