Demetrious Johnson names the GOAT

Demetrious Johnson is currently the ONE Championship flyweight grand prix champ and will forever be the inaugural UFC flyweight champion. Further, he holds the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses (11). He is on most people’s short list of potential MMA greatest of all time. During a recent appearance on MMA Junkie Radio, Johnson offered his choice for GOAT.

Jon Jones has gotta be No. 1 for me,” said Johnson. “His title reign, I’ve seen him train before, how he’s beaten so many great light heavyweights before. And then after that, it starts to get cloudy, I’m not gonna lie. I think there are athletes that are on their way, like if Khabib would keep on fighting and do five or six or seven or eight more fights, then I’ll definitely throw him in.

“For me, I like to see longevity. I like to see dominance. Longevity is a big thing. When you look at Jon Jones, I think he’s 15 world title fights? That’s a lot of work of staying motivated, staying on top to keep on winning. I think Izzy is on his way. If he goes up to light heavyweight and beats the champion there, and he goes up to fight Jon Jones, he’s definitely on his way.”

“Is it a popularity contest? What exactly puts you in that discussion of greatest of all time? For me, it’s longevity, how many championships have you done, a little bit of everything. For me, that’s why I put [Dream and Strikeforce light heavyweight champion and current Bellator middleweight champ Gegard Mousasi] in there because when I watch him, I’m like, look at his hands, look at his grappling, look at his submissions. He can do it all.

“Jon Jones, look at his grappling, look at his hands, look at his submissions, look at how long he’s been a champion.”

UG, is DJ right? If not, who’s your GOAT?

h/t Farah Hannoun for MMA Junkie

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