Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is handily trash talking his merry way to a title shot vs. champ champ Henry Cejudo. 'Quadruple C', despite saving the UFC's flyweigth division, is baffling fans with a schtick that's ... different. During a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani's MMA show, Cruz surgically slipped a verbal knife in, and wiggled it all around gleefully.

“He’s acting like he’s beat a bunch of people that haven’t been beat before," said Cruz, as transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr. for MMA Mania. "So that’s what I didn’t really understand. However, the shirt he’s wearing in the video has my name on it, so that’s cool. A tune up fight? Yeah, I am going to tune him up, so he got that right. He knows I’m going to tune him up, it’s that simple."

“I think UFC is pretty interested in booking us. You have to look at what’s been done. I set the most records in this division, first-ever to hold the title here. I had it for the longest time of anybody in the division and the people that I beat to get to the title, I didn’t have an easy road. And not to mention my own setbacks that I’ve had on top of that.”

“The things that he has done in the sport, you have to tip your cap to him in the sport of wrestling. But in the sport of fighting, he is still very green, very new and extremely soft. This man has been catered to his entire life because coaches his whole life have seen him as a super athlete. So they always pull him out of the masses and take care of him, coddle him, baby him. He came straight out of high school to the Olympic training center to compete in wrestling."

“I believe that the reason people why people can’t understand Henry is because Henry Cejudo doesn’t know who he is. Straight out of high school they locked him in a room, threw him into wrestling matches so he could win a gold medal."

“Henry Cejudo is the gold medal. That’s all he knows. So that’s all you ever hear from him is what he’s earned. If you take away the gold medal, the UFC belt, what would you hear Henry Cejudo say that he is? Who does he make a difference for? What’s his purpose here? I think that is what makes him such a confusing entity to the world."

“He doesn’t know who the heck he is without winning in competition. So to be able to beat that man, and explain to the world just how confused he is; this man thinks the whole world evolves after winning medals and belts. Well, when that is all said and done, what are you going to be? So after I beat him down he is going to be in that question for a period of time. The cringe is to hide what he doesn’t know to be, which is himself.”