Georges St-Pierre on Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid

Cobra Kai season 3 is cheesier than meeting a girl and saying, “You’re so hot that I forget my pickup line.” But it’s deservedly doing blockbuster business on Netflix. It was borne from The Karate Kid franchise, that began in 1984, and includes five movies and a cartoon series.

True confession: A kid at my gym once kicked my elbow and fell on the ground holding his foot and howling. A solemn look came over my face as I put my hands in a prayer position, and started rubbing them together, harnessing a heaping helping of healing chi force, just like Mr. Miyagi did. The kid looked up expectantly, released his foot, and pushed it forward. Then I punched the bruise and told him to get back to work. He’s a cop now; hope he doesn’t stick me.

Bruce Lee has inspired generations of fighters, but Loretta Hunt recently interview several fighters for The Guardian, about the influence The Karate Kid had on them. 

UFC welterweight GOAT Georges St-Pierre, born in 1981, was bullied growing up in Saint-Isidore, Quebec. He suffered from psoriasis, which covered his face and body. He says he had few friends, and often lost his lunch money, his clothing, and his dignity. But he started karate at age seven, and by the time the forgettable Next Karate Kid (part 4) came out, he was a 2nd-degree black belt in Kyokushin.

In an email to Hunt, he said The Karate Kid is one of his favorites, because it gave him hope.

“It’s definitely one of the movies that inspired me to start martial arts,” wrote GSP. “I learned karate to escape the bullying.”

St-Pierre is among the 50 million member accounts that have “chosen” to watch Cobra Kai, a term that means they watched over two minutes of it. GSP is among them.

“I’ve watched the first two seasons – it’s hilarious!” wrote St-Pierre. “It illustrates in many ways the way I think. I don’t believe in bad people, I just think some good people get influenced by their environment to do bad things. No baby is born bad.”

Season 3 is streaming now, and includes the return of the girl Daniel San fell for in Okinawa, where he used the secret Japanese Pellet Drum technique, the guy he used it on, and even the little girl he saved in the storm.

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