Jan Blachowicz names the round he will finish Dominick Reyes

Jan Blachowicz spoke recently with Farah Hannoun for MMA Junkie, ahead of his fight vs. Dominick Reyes for the light heavyweight title vacated by Jon Jones, in the main event of UFC 253 on September 26.

“He did a really great job inside the Cctagon with Jon Jones,” said Blachowicz. “He’s a really good fighter, really strong, really good stand-up fighter, so I think it’s gonna be a tough fight for me. But I’m gonna be ready for him and I will try to knock him out or submit him. Or, if it’s gonna be 25 minutes, I win by a decision. I’m gonna be ready for everything and what he’s got for me. But yes, he’s a really impressive fighter, really good, one of the best.”

“I think it’s gonna be a standup match, a kickboxing match, but if I’m gonna have the opportunity to take him down, I’m gonna do this. But I’m not afraid to fight against Dominick in the stand-up so I think that’s gonna be a really good fight to watch and I think someone will go down, and that’s gonna be Dominick. In the third round, I think so. I believe I can do this in the third round. I see this in my dreams when I do my visualization training. Yeah. Third round, he goes down.”

“I’m just happy the fight will be for the title. Dominick Reyes is also a really good fighter, one of the best in the world, so we both deserve to have this chance and we got it, so I don’t think about Jon Jones right now. He doesn’t exist for me right now. I’m thinking only about Dominick Reyes.”

“I think that [Jones] will come back to 205 in the future. If not, I can go to heavyweight also, no problem for me, and catch him over there.”

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