Jan Blachowicz pre-fight ritual is extremely different

Jan Blachowicz was recently the subject of a behind-the-scenes documentary, ahead of his fight vs. Dominick Reyes for the vacant light heavyweight title at UFC 253 on September 27. “Prince of Cieszyn” revealed a one-of-a-kind pre-fight ritual. Long ago Blachowicz was walking his dog in the forest in his hometown of Warsaw, Poland, and found a man who had hanged himself. Now, for luck, he goes into the forest and touches the rope left there.

“90 percent success rate since I started doing this,” he said.

The rope of a suicide victim is apparently considered good luck in some parts, and the idea was broached when an investigating police officer asked Blachowicz if he had taken part of the rope.

“‘When you find a hanged man, you take his rope for luck,” recalled Blachowicz, of the officer’s question. “‘That’s what people believed in the old days.’ I checked the internet, and sure enough, that is exactly what people thought and believed in. If you don’t believe me, check for yourself.”

Blachowicz didn’t keep the rope. That would be weird. Instead, he left it in the woods, and goes there to touch it for luck. He says the UFC video crew filmed it once and had audio issues. Then it filmed it a second time, but it never aired. So the lucky rope has other supernatural powers, apparently.

What do you think UG? What’s your most different ritual? If it’s touched a hanging rope in the woods, don’t tell me – that’s too scary.

h/t Steven Marrocco for MMA Fighting

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