Thursday, July 12, 2018

Former UFC featherweight champion and current analyst Dominick Cruz recently voiced what is as obvious as water being wet - Brock Lesnar uses performance-enhancing drugs. During a recent interview with Guilherme Cruz for MMA Fighting, former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos expressed similar sentiments.

JDS was not impressed that Lesnar is getting a title shot following back to back losses in 2010-2011. Lesnar did fight in 2016, but the outcome was a No Contest, as he failed an anti-doping test.

”That’s completely unfair, but we know that rankings don’t work in the UFC,” said dos Santos. “Rankings are based on a weird policy, but it’s not cool to see Brock Lesnar skipping the line especially because he didn’t stop fighting because he chose to, he failed a drug test for something he has always used, you can clearly see it.

”He was cut by USADA and now he returns like it’s something positive, but it’s not. He adds nothing to the sport. He’s a guy that cheats. The only benefit he brings is that people really like watching him, that big guy.”

“I’ve learned that those who use those types of performance drugs can’t stay without them because they don’t produce testosterone the way they did, they don’t produce HGH they way they should, and many other hormones. To compete at high level, these guys can’t do without it. I don’t know what will be his strategy, but it’s almost certain that he won’t be clean.”

JDS fights former WSOF Heavyweight champion Blagoy Ivanov in the main event of UFC Fight Night 133, on July 14, 2018.