JDS puts Lewis away in the second round of UFC on ESPN+ 4 main event

Saturday, March 09, 2019

The main event of UFC on ESPN+ 4 featured a heavyweight bout between top contenders Junior dos Santos and Derrick Lewis. For heavyweigt champion dos Santos was coming off back to back wins and Lewis was coming off a loss against champion Daniel Cormier in a title fight.

Official Result: Junior Dos Santos defeated Derrick Lewis by TKO (Strikes, Round 2, 1:58)



Round 1 – Touch of gloves, and Dos Santos bounces with a sideways stance, coming in hot with a right overhand. That misses, and he backs up Lewis, drawing a leg kick. He misses his own, but tries again and lands. Lewis biding his time as usual, and leaps with a kick. He lands a left hook as Dos Santos closes, and then complains of an eyepoke. After a brief break and warning, they resume. Dos Santos reaches on a straight to the body, and Lewis lunges with a left hook. Another jump kick to the body, and a jumping knee. Dos Santos spins with a wheel kick, and his leg kick draws a hard right from Lewis. Another leaping kick from Lewis as Dos Santos closes. A hard overhand right staggers Lewis, and Lewis lands a heavy left hook as Dos Santos closes. They careen across the octagon, and reset. Dos Santos comes back in ducks a right, sending Lewis tumbling. Dos Santos goes to the body, then jabs to the head and body. Another winger misses for the ex-champ. Lewis paws the left hook and gets turned on a leg kick. High kick almost surprises Dos Santos, who replies with a teep to the midsection. A spinning back kick drops Lewis, who ducks down and then unloads a right as Dos Santos approaches. Is Lewis rope a doping? Nope. He drops and cluthces his stomach again, and then fires that left. Dos Santos avoids it and misses a head kick. He punches in close and peels off. They trade spin kicks and time expires. MMAjunkie scores the round 10-9 for Dos Santos.

Round 2 – Lewis up the middle with a kick. Dos Santos inches in again and draws a head kick. Body kick whiffs, and Dos Santos jabs to the body. Nice leg kick from Lewis. Dos Santos gets clipped on a leg kick and slips to the mat. Lewis gets off a few punches before Dos Santos ecapes. Lewis leaps with another switch kick. Lewis tries a bizarre trip to the mat, and Dos Santos lands a heavy straight right. Lewis is hurt, and Dos Santos surges to pour on the offense as his opponent turtles. The ex-champ wails away, and Dean steps in to save Lewis.

source: mmajunkie.com

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