Justin Wren is the best person in MMA

Fight for the Forgotten founder and Bellator MMA heavyweight Justin Wren watched a viral video of a 12-year-old boy in Oklahoma being viciously bullied, and didn’t just shake his head and scroll on. The victim of the beating by three students, including a female, was Rayden Overbay who has autism, diabetes, and is deaf in one ear. Rayden suffered a concussion from the beating. And following years of relentless bullying, he was found writing “I want to kill myself” on his forearm.

“If it wasn’t videoed, nothing would be done,” said Wren during a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Wren has started a #StandWithRayden campaign, that has caught national attention, including Jason Duaine Hahn from People Magazine.

Wren took Rayden to a hyperbaric treatment center to help him heal from the injuries he suffered during the attacks.

“Been with Rayden over 20 days now,” said Wren. “Taking him to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy because he was diagnosed with a concussion. We are organizing something to help him and his family with medical bills and maybe something else really amazing!”

Wren set up a GoFundMe to help cover Rayden’s medical treatment and counseling.

Rayden Overbay was thrust into the international spotlight when several videos of him being abused by classmates went viral on social media. A bright and joyful 12 year old, Rayden deals with special challenges including ADHD, ODD, ADD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. During the recorded attacks, Rayden suffered a concussion from the beatings. He is now receiving Hyperbaric treatment. As a loving community, we are raising funds to pay for Rayden’s medical bills which exceed $8,000.00 dollars. Rayden’s family also needs help providing their family with suitable housing. Rayden lives with his grandparents because his parents’ trailer home is too small for a family. The Overbay family has not asked for help. They are hard working people who are doing the best they can. I know as a community we can fill in the gaps for this family. We are also sending a message to bullied people everywhere…”YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” Join us today and give to support Rayden and his family… help us fight for the forgotten children by providing for the needs of one…Make a donation today. Empowered and Sponsored by #hudiburghelps “In a gentle way you can shake the world.” – Gandhi

In less than a week it has raised $8,000 of the $50,000 goal.

Teddy Atlas even gave Rayden wise words, and trip with his family to Disneyland.

And Wren tells ESPN the Overbay family aims to turn the ghastly bullying into something positive

“They want to forgive the kids,” he explained to TMZ. “They need to be held accountable, but [the family wants] this to be turned into a positive. This very negative thing in their son’s life, that’s been going on for years and years, hopefully now it can be addressed, the bullying can stop. But this could be a place of shifting for the school district, for all the kids. Not just their own son.”