Tuesday, July 10, 2018

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis appeared recently on MMAjunkie Radio, following his unanimous decision win over Francis Ngannou at UFC 226 on Saturday. The fight lacked for action. Ngannou described his state as one of fear, based on his last fight, a title fight loss to Stipe Miocic. Lewis was suffering debilitating back pain.

“I’ve been dealing with it for years,” said Lewis to Steven Marrocco for MMAjunkie Radio on Monday. “Each fight, I have the same problem. Sometimes, it’s not as bad as it’s been the last couple.”

“We’re going to try two more things and see what the doctors can do. But if not, then I’m going to have to continue fighting with this same injury.”

“I looked at him in his eyes and his face, and it wasn’t even the same guy that I saw at weigh-ins. He looked completely different. His soul had already completely slipped out of his body before he even stepped in the cage. I’ve seen that same look in Gabriel Gonzaga’s eyes when he stepped into the octagon with me, that he was already defeated.”

“It’s a win for sure, but it really does feel like a loss. I’ve got no kind of relief or satisfaction at all. Usually, a couple of days after the fight, I’m real satisfied. But I still feel tense about the whole situation.”

“I was even bored in the fight. I felt like I pushed forward more than he did, and I got so bored, and I started listening to the chants. It really did sound like a surround sound in the stadium.”