Mariya Agapova adorns her art with blood, literally

23-year-old Kazakhstani UFC women’s flyweight Mariya Agapova is a visual artist, as well as a mixed martial artist. She recently published a video on her social network of

This is my first picture using my real blood that I can post for my friend Robert Ozepy. The very first picture with my blood belongs to my friend @kissmyfist561, and unfortunately, I cannot publish it.

“Why did I start to do this? Because I can. Because for me it is not a big deal to get a little of my blood and add it to the picture. I first shed my blood for seven years in the boxer’s ring, and now for four years I have been shedding in a cage, and for me, it is quite normal. My art has always been part of me, and now in my art will be part of me in the literal sense. And this is funny, because I will someday leave, but some part of me will still remain in this world.

“The only question is whether people want to have such a memory of me. I know that many people do not have good associations with blood. Someone is a believer, and religion takes this badly. I understand that we are all different people, and I respect the point of view of everyone. I still paint without blood. But now I can add if you want to have such a memory of me.

“Thanks to my friend Vincent Vincent Castiglia for helping me get my blood in a safe way. Thank you for the inspiration, experience, and a bunch of treasures that you gave me (and I’m not talking about things). You will forever remain in my memory and my heart.”

Agapova fights Shana Dobson on Saturday, August 22, on the main card of UFC on ESPN 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.






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