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Miesha Tate: I have the style to defeat Amanda Nunes

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Miesha Tate

Women’s MMA pioneer Miesha Tate returns from retirement vs. Marion Reneau on July 17 in a women’s bantamweight fight. During a recent on her SiriusXM Fight Nation show ‘MMA Tonight' "Cupcake" detailed her ambitions.

“I’m so excited, I really am,” said Tate. “I mean, there is a fire that has been lit. My heart is completely full of passion. I feel like I’m totally reinvigorated and when you know, you know. I just know. I’ve always been that person to lead with my heart and do what I feel like my calling is in life and it’s never steered me wrong. I’ve been a very – just a person that can change direction very quickly and not be afraid to do it. I dive right in if I feel like it’s right and that’s what I’m here to do. Like this sport, it’s been calling for me. I feel like it’s been calling me and now it’s time to answer.”

“I’m looking at this in a two-year perspective. “It’s very difficult to really say because you always think you’d like to have a plan for your life and it very rarely follows that. That’s why I’m just like, ‘Why do I plan anything?’ because it just never really works out that way, you know? But, I’ve got six fights on the contract, I’ve got two years that I know for sure I want to dedicate to this sport. But look, anything can happen off one fight. I’ll be honest, I really don’t know what exactly to expect.”

"What’s so exciting to me is I get to get in there and mix it up with Marion and she’s the one that I had to keep those goals on, but I can tell you for the next two years, that’s my plan to be heavily involved in the sport. Obviously, I want to become a champion again, and I think Amanda [Nunes] is just a phenomenal fighter. She’s the best. She’s the greatest of all time. But I really believe that finally, hopefully when that moment comes, which I know it will, I know if I put my nose to the grindstone – and that’s just to say if my girl Julianna [Pena] doesn’t get it done first.

“She might be able to go out there, and hopefully she gets that next opportunity, and I’d love for her to be able to attain that goal, too. But speaking right now, the champion is Amanda. I’d love to run that one back. I would love to fight her again because I know I have the style to beat her. I’m not at all gonna take anything away from her. She is just a scary woman, and she hits like a man, and I know that. I know everything. I’ve been in there with her, and I’ve seen what she’s done since then, but I know I have the style to beat her, and I know I have desire. I have plans, I have goals, and I know I’m somebody that, when push comes to shove, I make s*** happen.”

Tate has been working as a vice president for Chatri Sityodtong's One Championship, and he voiced complete support for her on his social network:

Congratulations to my friend Miesha Tate on her comeback! When she first approached me with the idea several months ago, I thought it was a crazy idea. It is a reminder that dreams are never crazy to the person going after them, but only to the world. She intends to win the UFC title again! From the start, Miesha has always had my full support and blessing because I love watching friends chase their dreams. Of course, I would have loved to watch Miesha compete in ONE and eventually fight for the world title here, but she was already locked into an athlete contract with UFC (even prior to joining ONE as a VP). No matter what happens, Miesha will always be a part of the ONE Family.
Best of luck, Miesha! Go get ‘em!!!

h/t Farah Hannoun for MMA Junkie