Mike Perry could maybe use a little help

Mike Perry entered the UFC in 2016 with a 7-0 record, and won his first two fights in the big show. However, he is 5-7 since, and 1-3 his last four. His future in the league is uncertain, and based, for what it’s worth, on his social network, “Platinum” is facing some challenges in the rest of the world, too.

It began with remarks aimed at fans.

And then the dark posts took a dark, dark turn.

Hopefully it’s a macabre prank, but that’s dark too.

In the 1800s, visitors to Bethlem (Bedlam) Hospital in London paid a penny to watch the mentally ill patients, and were allowed to poke them with a stick, for amusement. That vile human instinct lives on on the social network, where clearly mentally ill people are regarded with amusement. Perry doesn’t objectively reach that standard, but he could clearly use some help right now.

The fighter and his girlfriend (and corner) Latory Gonzalez are expecting their first child soon.

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