Friday, May 10, 2019

Since the company’s inception back in 2012, Invicta FC has a tradition of watching their champions move seamlessly into the UFC. Of the 18 champions (excluding the current title holders), 10 of them have vacated their title in order to compete in the UFC.

So it only makes sense that this would be on the mind of newly crowned strawweight champion Brianna Van Buren. After winning the 8-woman, one-night tournament at Phoenix Rising Series 1, fans are left wondering ‘how long before we see Van Buren in an Octagon?” According to Van Buren, we may have to wait a little bit.

“For me, there’s no rush,” Van Buren told the Top Turtle MMA Podcast. “I’m here to stay.”

Although she likes the idea of fighting again for Invicta, she is open to many ideas. She loves the fact that this tournament win brought her some popularity and has opened a bunch of doors for her.

“I like the idea that I do have options right now,” she said. “I even have the option to go down to 105lbs and challenge the champion.”

But Van Buren is going to take some time to think about it rather than rush into another title shot or tournament.

“I’m going to go hang out with my family for this weekend and sit on it,” she said.

When she does eventually make it back though, she’s expecting great things.

“I went against the top girls that Invicta has, what more? I think that says a lot, right?”

(9:30 mark)


Author Daniel Vreeland is a co-founder of the Top Turtle Podcast, and a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu at New England Submission Fighting in Amherst, Massachusetts.