NSAC extends four temporary suspensions

UFC fighters are subject to testing by both USADA year-round, and also, once a bout contract is signed, by the athletic commission regulating the event. At a Nevada State Athletic Commission meeting on Wednesday, three fighters saw their temporary suspensions extended, until a full disciplinary hearing is held on a later date.

Jamahal Hill, Tim Elliott, and Luis Pena remain temporarily suspended after testing positive for cannabis. Hill and Elliott tests were for a UFC event on May 30; Pena’s were for an event on June 27.

In 2015 the NSAC suspended Nick Diaz for five years after his third Demon Weed failure, and fined him $165,000, plus attorney’s fees and costs. It was later substantially reduced. However, the NSAC has since softened its stance, and a suspension of six months is now typical for a first-time failure. So the Hill-Elliott-Pena Axis of Evil will hopefully be allowed to beat up people for money in short order

A fourth fighter, middleweight Marc-Andre Barriault, also saw his temporary suspension extended. His was for ostarine; the event in question was on June 20.

Barriault issued a statement to Kevin Iole for Yahoo Sports.

Following a communication from the Nevada State Athletic Commission last week, I wanted to clarify the current situation to all my fans, the medias and everybody involved in the sport of mixed martial arts.

I was notified last week that an in-competition sample that I provided to the NSAC the night of my last fight on June 20th, 2020 was positive for an extremely low level (approximately 190 picograms or 190 parts per trillion) of the prohibited substance, Ostarine. First and foremost, I want to make things crystal clear, I did not intentionally use Ostarine, nor have I ever knowingly used any prohibited substance in my career. Since the beginning of my professional career, I have been tested three times by the Quebec athletic commission, and a total of seven times under the UFC/USADA program and have always tested negative.

Since I found out about this last week, I have learned quite a bit about Ostarine, specifically that it is commonly found as a low-level contaminant in certain dietary supplements, often at levels that provide absolutely no performance enhancing benefit. I strongly believe that a supplement contaminant is the reason for my low-level positive, and I am actively working with the UFC on reviewing and testing supplements that I have used prior to my June 20th fight, in the hope of identifying the culprit.

While I am extremely disappointed in this development, I am looking forward to finding a definitive explanation for my low-level positive test, to fully cooperating with the NSAC and to getting back to work in the Octagon soon.

Hopefully, all four fighters get back to work soon.

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