PFL passes on Anderson Silva

PFL President Ray Sefo spoke recently with Fight Sports, and among other topics, discussed free agent Anderson Silva, who was released from his UFC contract, after league president Dana White felt it was time the 45-year-old retired.

“That guy is such a legend in the sport but isn’t he around 46? The guy is such an amazing talent. I think he has been a great champion. He’s definitely gonna go down in history as one of the best to ever do it. Nothing but a lot of respect,” prefaced Sefo. “But I just think it’s that time to hang it up. Watching his last fight, he also fought a former teammate of mine, and Uriah Hall was able to finish that fight. Anderson Silva is a legend and he’s gonna go down in history as one of the best to do it, so I’d like to remember him as that guy.”

However, while the PFL is taking a pass on “The Spider” the promotion is looking forward to a return in 2021, and apparently harbors no regrets about sitting out 2020.

“Myself, our CEO Peter Murray, Jim Bramson, and a few of the other executives talked and it came down to a team decision in terms of postponing the season, because right after that point we really didn’t know what was happening,” said Sefo. “We didn’t have any idea of what was going on, and then suddenly there was a shutdown. And of course, prior to that, we were hearing shutdowns throughout the world. Once there was a shutdown initiated here in the U.S. we just thought it was the right thing to do for the safety of our staff members, of course, our fighters. We were just kind of waiting to see what happened, and then I believe by April, I think the UFC were talking about having a show. And then no longer after that, that got canceled and so we knew it was the right decision to postpone the season.”

“Everybody’s excited to kick the season off again in 2021. Obviously, the world is dealing with this pandemic and it’s been a while but yeah we’re definitely looking forward to having the season come back.”

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