Polyana Viana refutes fake news about arrest warrant for beating up mugger

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

UFC strawweight Polyana Viana is 10-2 in the cage, and recently upped her record to 2-0 vs. muggers in Brazil. The latest went viral; the picture tells the story.

Then reports surfaced in Brazil that prosecutor Juan Carlos Rosario had ordered her arrest for the crime of Serious Bodily Injury and Excessive Self-Defence.

There is no prosecutor named Juan Carlos Rosario. The 27-year-old 'Iron Lady' took to her social network and refuted the bogus reports. 

“I just finished training, my sparring for today. Many people ask me about the ‘bad’ news that was published on a website,” wrote Viana. “It says I received an arrest warrant. I didn’t receive anything. The case is, I reacted to the assault … I acted and defended myself within the law. I haven’t received anything, a warrant. I’m very focused, and later I hope to give you good news about my next fight. OK?”

“I just want to clarify, this affair sucks a bit. It’s difficult to address this here, normally I always make jokes here, but the reality is no, it’s a very serious affair. Therefore, I came here to clarify. Thank you everyone for your love.”

h/t SCMP