Roufus explains noble decision to stop Pettis fight

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Roufusport founder Duke Roufus appeared recently on the MMA Hour and discussed stopping the Anthony Pettis vs. Tony Ferguson fight at UFC 229, when it became clear that Pettis's hand was broken, and he wasn't going to win the fight one-handed.

”Stylistic, this is a guy you can’t jab and grab and coast like boxing or Muay Thai with your hand damaged,” explained Roufus, as transcribed by Guilherme Cruz for MMA Fighting. “Here’s the thing, Tony Ferguson is a very mean elbow expert. If you know anything about Muay Thai, the only thing that keeps an elbow expert off of you is hard punching and good clinching. With Anthony’s hand damaged, he couldn’t keep him off of getting elbowed.

”Secondly, you can’t clinch him or submit him with his hand jacked, so sometimes you can risk injuries in a fight. Against a guy like Tony Ferguson, who likes to hit people with those elbows, I just thought it was the right decision. … Tony is a hell of a fighter, his numbers speak for themselves and so his performances. Anthony was just so close to taking him out and he’s very resilient warrior.”

”Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, you can jab and grab and tie up and the referee will break you and you can stall when you clinch. (In) MMA, the action doesn’t stop, so when you’re a wounded animal in there, it’s easy to get taken out.”

”If you fire me because I stopped your fight I can live with that, no problem. And you’re gonna see me do that more because what I love more about MMA is a loss doesn’t define your career.”

The fact is, Pettis wasn't mad at his coach for stopping the fight, and said it was, "the most fun I’ve ever had in the Octagon.” 

Roufus's decision is unimpeachable and based on a lifetime of experience.

”The medical care that was given at my day to fighters was garbage,” Roufus said. “I have so many bad injuries I’m living with, I wanna help guys and women I train not live the life I live because I live in pain daily.