Rudson Caliocane partly paralyzed due to extreme weight cut

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Then Titan FC bantamweight champion Rudson Caliocane was given a waiver to fight Matheus Mendonca at Future MMA on October 19 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he lost a decision. The fighter reports he cut too much weight and suffered a brain hemorrhage. He then vacated his Titan belt in order to focus on his medical issues, which include partial paralysis.

Rudson has begun receiving treatment and is incurring substantial costs every day. He needs financial help immediately. Titan FC in conjunction with Rudson’s long-time manager, Alex Davis launched a GoFundMe campaign and Titan FC will donate a percentage of ticket sales from their upcoming event on December 20 to raise proceeds to help aid Rudson with the substantial costs associated with his recovery. 

Lucas Rezende for BE reports that according to the Portuguese language Combate, Rudson has been paralyzed across the left side of his body. The fighter attributes the injury to an extreme weight cut - losing some 13.4 pounds in a bathtub.

“I noticed he didn’t look normal.” said Caliocane’s manager, Alex Davis. “When the fight ended, it got worse and Rudson’s father carried him until the paramedics arrived. Those of us who are experience in MMA knew it had nothing to do with the fight specifically, but with the sudden weight cut. At the hospital, the doctors confirmed the ischemia was due to the cut. It wasn’t a guillotine or a powerful strike, it was the dehydration.”