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Sean O’Malley: Mentally, I'm still undefeated

"I get paid to make videos so you guys commenting on my $#!@ hating it gets me paid.”
Sean O'Malley

Sean O'Malley was undefeated after twelve fights, heading into a fight vs. Marlon Vera, in the co-main event of UFC 252 earlier this month. He lost via TKO in Round 1. In a video on his social network, "Sugar" talked about it.

“I’ve seen a lot of people saying ‘Wow dude take your loss like a man,’” said O’Malley. “And I don’t understand that, ‘Take your loss like a man.’ I lose every day. I went to jiu-jitsu and trained hard today and guess what? I got submitted. I lost. I slapped that dude’s hand I said ‘That was sick, brotha.’ So I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“There’s a lot I want to say, but I’m trying to figure out a formula, how to say it and give you guys context to where my thoughts are. In fighting ... on paper, I’m 12-1. I lost August 15th. I’m 12-1. And in my head, I didn’t lose s***. I’m 12-0, I didn’t lose. And you guys were like ‘Well, you lost.’ I get it. I get that I lost but mentally I didn’t lose.”

“You guys go re-watch that fight. I was about to start beating his ass! And you guys are ‘Yeah but you didn’t!’ And you’re right, I didn’t. But if you watched, if you guys know what a calf kick is, go watch me kick his calf hard. That s**t hurts. I’ve been calf kicked, I’ve been dropped by calf kicks in sparring. A long time ago I remember the first time I got calf kicked by John Moraga. I’m like ‘Oh my god that hurts really bad!’ It doesn’t do what made my foot do what happened to my foot.”

“I got kicked on the nerve right here. Chito ... he did he get lucky, yes. Did he win? Yes. He kicked this nerve in my ankle. I had an ankle brace on, I had my coach loosen it up right before I walked out, I’m like ‘This s***’s too tight.’ The nerve gave me drop foot and then I sprained my ankle like four times and people talking s*** like ‘You’re a pussy dude!’ I’m the same guy that fought with a broken foot, a Lisfranc surgery, a pretty major surgery, for three minutes. So I was out there just rolling my ankle trying to knock this dude out. Did he win? Yes. Am I undefeated? Yes, mentally I’m 12-0. I didn’t lose s**t*. I was dominating that fight. I felt superior in there until my foot gave out.”

“I know, you guys. I probably sound stupid but it’s okay because look at me I’m a little not that smart. But I am kind of that smart because you’re watching this video and guess what, I get paid to make videos so you guys commenting on my s*** hating it gets me paid.”

“There’s a couple of real ‘Sugar’ fans out there, I appreciate you guys. I just want to get that off my chest. If you guys watched the video his toe hit this nerve. Freak accident. You know you guys have seen it happen to Michael Chandler, it’s happened to Henry [Cejudo] once when he’s fighting. His came back, his foot came back, that nerve or whatever came back and he didn’t have drop foot anymore. I think mine didn’t come back because the ankle brace was too tight, but I don’t know, I just like making excuses.”

“I’ll be back maybe by the end of this year, that would be ideal. I was in physical therapy Monday, I was in the gym Monday. I haven’t missed a day. This is when people say take the loss like a man, I’m in the gym Monday working on what I can do. I can’t obviously go and train full, you know? ... I’m in the gym constantly, consistently getting better. Whatever it is I can do, if I have to go into the gym, ice my foot, elevate, massage, do some physical therapy, that’s what I’m doing. So you know when you say ‘Take the loss like a man,’ that’s what I’m doing. I take it like a man.”

“I lost on paper, mentally I didn’t lose anything. I believe I’m better fighter and people just get so upset when I say that.”

h/t Ryan Harkness for MMA Mania