Stipe Miocic meh on Francis Ngannou rematch

Francis Ngannou had won ten in a row all inside the distance when he challenged champ Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight title. “The Predator” appeared to be The Next Big Thing, having won his previous four UFC fights in an average time of 1:41. However, Miocic dragged Ngannou into deep waters and won a unanimous decision.

Ngannou lost his next fight too, also via unanimous decision, to Derrick Lewis, in a fight that by every measure promised destruction and destroy, but delivered hugs. However, Ngannou recovered with a vengeance, winning his next four UFC fights in an average time of 40 seconds.

UFC president Dana White said Ngannou is next for Miocic.

Earlier this week in an interview with ESPN, Miocic acknowledged that “The Predator” earned it.

“Ngannou has definitely shown a lot better stuff since the first fight,” said Stipe “He’s knocking everyone out in the first round. He’s just on a tear.”

“He’s definitely worked his way back up, but if we do fight again, it doesn’t matter. The same thing is gonna happen. Same result. There’s no difference that’s gonna happen. I’m gonna win and dominate.”

However, on Wednesday Miocic did an AMA on Instagram, and was asked who the tougher fight is, Ngannou or former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones? In his reply Stipe admitted he’s not much interested in a rematch with Ngannou.

“Francis isn’t exciting to me, already put on a 25-minute clinic on how to beat him. Want a new challenge! Would love to box.”

The AMA is short and charming, check out the whole thing and discover:
•Best fighter he ever faced;
•Favorite win;
•Stipe’s Mount Rushmore;
•His go-to fast food;
•Favorite 90s wrestler;
•Best fighter in the UFC; 
•Best gun in a war zone; and,
•His scariest opponent.

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