UFC fights we want to see in 2021: Ferguson vs Diaz

Despite a global pandemic that Stockton-slapped the sports world around for most of 2020, the Ultimate Fighting Championship endured and pumped out memorable fights all year. With the New Year upon us–and the template set for promoting events in the age of COVID-19–the UFC better give us this fight in 2021 or we war!

UFC dream fight: Tony Ferguson vs. Either Diaz Brother

Here’s an MMA math equation for you. Tony Ferguson + Nate Diaz = what? Utter Octagon chaos. It’s a fight that has been wished for over the last couple years and needs to finally happen. However, we all know Nate Diaz is a problem child and can go AWOL at any time. Even when he’s signed a fight contract. So why not hedge our bets, and make big bro Nick the stand-in Diaz? Win-win for all of us and our bloodlust

Now, this is all assuming that “El Cucuy” is still a member of the UFC roster in 2021. With expectations of 60-fighters being culled from the organization, the former lightweight champion and his hefty contract could be on the chopping block following two disastrous losses to Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliveira, respectively. But, if the promotion chose to squeeze a few more drops of chaos out of the soon to be 37-year-old, then Ferguson versus [insert brother] Diaz is a freaking must.

In theory, a fight between Ferguson and the younger Stockton bro should happen at lightweight. Nonetheless, with Nate hating weight-cuts more than USADA visits it’ll happen at welterweight. This saves Ferguson from a difficult weight-cut late in his career and makes a clash with Nick at his optimal weight real too. As a replacement, or part two of a “Tony vs.The Diaz Boyz” series.

Who would win?

If dear Uncle Dana granted us these hemoglobin soaked scraps, my gut tells me Ferguson gets a split with the Cesar Gracie alums. With Nate’s boxing being too much in one fight. Then Nick’s six-year bender offering a willing lamb to Ferguson’s slaughter in fight two.

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