UFC fights we want to see in 2021: Jones vs Blaydes/Lewis

Jon Jones’ move up to the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s heavyweight division will be a major story in 2021. How the former light heavyweight king makes the transition to being a larger version of his lanky-legged self could dictate the division’s title picture. That’s why we demand the UFC makes this fight in 2021, or we war!

UFC dream fight: Curtis Blaydes/Derrick Lewis Winner vs. Jon Jones

It would be fascinating to see the 33-year-old “Bones” climb the heavyweight ladder step-by-step into contention. But let’s be real, the best 205-pound fighter ever doesn’t need to do that. And when the UFC’s parent company Endeavor still has debts to pay, you bet your ass they have to fast track a top star into money-making title fights.

The plan, as of now, is for a gold clash first between Francis Ngannou and reigning heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic. And that’s the right move, because the Cameroonian-French hulk earned it. Yes, I know we all want to see Jones versus Ngannou, but smart business for the promotion is to avoid “The Predator” possibly turning their current GOAT into an Overeem Pez-dispenser before a title fight. Instead, while that situation gets worked out, you let the former 205-pound deity test the division’s temperature against top-five talent.

In February, the UFC has a main event scrap planned between second ranked heavyweight Curtis Blaydes and the fourth ranked “Black Beast” that is Derrick Lewis. Let the fight not only be a battle of two top contenders, but also the “Jon Jones Heavyweight Foil Invitational.” Both are damn scary and could pillage a neighborhood like viking raiders by themselves. But they still aren’t Ngannou scary.

Who would win?

When either of these fights do happen, you have to bet on “Bones.” Against Lewis he will be able to ground and bludgeon the Houston-native with ease. Blaydes’ wrestling would offer a compelling threat, but even though Jones doesn’t have Mjolnir fists like the African nightmare that beat Blaydes twice already, the man can do things “Razor” ain’t never seen in a cage.

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