Unwitting cop gets tripped up in impromptu sparring session

Police officer

In a world where mixed martial arts gyms proliferate around the globe, cops are finding out that 16 weeks in basic training may sometimes not be enough to subdue the local agitator.

Police officers are trained to physically wrangle, and arrest drunks, drug dealers, gang members, and all manner of perpetrators of illegal activity. However, with MMA continuing to grow in popularity, gyms teaching combat sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, and kickboxing are popping up in average neighborhoods. Meaning, some cops now end up getting dropped into an impromptu sparring session where they are white belts.

Like in this 2018 video of an “attempted” arrest, believed to be in Australia. The officer steps into the invisible squared circle looking frisky, and ready to deal out some justice. That quickly changes once this particular citizen shows the kind of head movement and striking that signifies this cop is in over his head. After making the officer miss with a god-awful right hook, the skirmish quickly ends with the sort of outside trip that knocks oxygen out of lungs. The man is eventually detained by back-up police officers, but it was an impressive showing in “sticking it to the man.”

In the United States, basic training for a police officer, before they are handed a gun and sent out on the streets, can average anywhere from 10 to 36 weeks. In many parts of Europe, training to join the police force can take several years, and require a degree akin to a bachelor’s. The US and many other countries may need to add BJJ to the cadet curriculums sooner than later.

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