WATCH: French riot police outmatched by pro boxer

It seems that a shield, and baton, aren’t necessarily enough for riot police when combating a championship-level boxer.

In January 2019, riot police in Paris, France were called in to quash a protest in support of the nation’s “yellow vest movement.” When authorities tried to turn back one group of protestors, they were suddenly dropped into an impromptu boxing class with a former national cruiserweight champion.

Retired pugilist Christophe Dettinger made headlines internationally when he was identified on video showing a riot shield and baton can’t save you from trained fists. After the video when viral, the then 37-year-old turned himself in to authorities. One witness claimed during Dettinger’s trial, that his actions were sparked by seeing fellow protestors handled aggressively by local police.

“He was seeing a woman of 47 kilos being hit, and seeing my oldest son being hit that he couldn’t stand because there was too much violence,” she said in court.

Via BBC news

Despite laying the smackdown on authorities, Dettinger was only sentenced to 12-months of “semi-liberty” time. In layman’s terms, “semi-liberty” means on weekdays one can live freely, but on nights and weekends, they’ll sing the jailbird blues in a cell. Not a bad deal for clocking a cop with the proverbial two-piece and a soda.

The yellow vest movement, which earned its nickname from the safety vests worn by protestors, began in November 2018 in reaction to French President Emmanuel Macron announcing a new green tax on fuel. Originally, long-distance drivers from rural regions, who felt negatively affected by the increase in fuel prices, made up the heart of the campaign’s early stages. Eventually, it grew into a national movement, with some protests turning into violent displays of frustration from citizens of various walks of life, unhappy with their current standard of living.