Monday, December 03, 2018

Mexico's Erik 'Goyito' Perez left the UFC on a three-fight win streak and signed with Combate Americas, the premier promotion in Latin America. Then he won two more. Next, at age 29, he announced his retirement. In a recent interview with Dave Doyle for MMA Fighting, he explained why - he signed with Combate to become the champ, but a fight vs. bantamweight champ Jose Alday wasn't happening fast enough. 

“This sport, there’s a lot going on,” Perez said. “I’ve got other things going on and this sport, there’s a lot of bumps and bruises and all that, and if the conditions aren’t right, then you’ve got to move on.”

“I got into this sport to become a world champio/ Part of the deal when I left the UFC and came over to Combate was that I was going to get a shot at the belt, and they hadn’t come through, so if they didn’t do it, I was going to retire.”

“When you get into this sport, you dream of becoming world champion. There’s no point in putting yourself through all this if you’re not aiming to be the best. I want to be the 135 and 145 pound champ and I’m not going to wait forever.”

And so he got a title shot, although the event and date have not been finalized. And Goyito summed up why he left the UFC for Combate in a single word.

“Dinero,” said Perez. “Money. I want to make all the money. I want to be showered with money. Of course, you want to be a champion in this sport but if you have to be a businessman. You have a short amount of time to do this and you have to make all the money you can. So the UFC didn’t want to pay me and Combate Americas did and that was pretty simple for me. ... It’s all good now. I’m making money, I’m getting my chance to be a world champion, I’m happy."