This is what a NINJA’s 5th-degree black belt test looks like…

Here’s how you become a 5th-degree black belt NINJA

There is a lot that can be said for the traditional martial arts and the tests that are given to promote from one belt to the next.  It is true that some schools implore a system that has what I like to call “gimmie-belts”.  These are schools in which, quite literally, if you show up for the test and your check clears, you will pass and be promoted.  This is most prominently found in what we affectionately refer to as “McDojos” as receiving a belt from one of these schools is much like receiving a toy from a happy meal at McDonald’s, and to quote the great Chael Sonnen, “everyone gets one, nobody cares.”

Then there are schools that have legitimate promotion tests that are extremely challenging and are by design formatted in such a way to test one’s mettle. These are legitimate tests and the belt promotion awarded in such a test is something one can truly be proud of and these types of tests will carry you all the way up to the rank of black belt.

Once one receives a black belt the degrees awarded afterward vary drastically from art to art and even from instructor to instructor.  For instance, I have received my 2nd degree, or 2nd Dan black belt in the art of Taekwondo.  My black belt test was excruciatingly painful and tough in that it tested not only my technique but my endurance and my ability to adequately defend myself using the techniques I had been perfecting for the previous 2.5 years.  When it was all said and done the test lasted 3 hours and I needed 7 stitches.

My second degree was awarded based solely on my ability to teach and pass on the philosophies as well as techniques of the art.  What we witness below is a 5th degree Ninjitsu test and very intriguing…

The idea of the Godan test is to test one’s intuition or sixth sense.  The results, if failed, can be absolutely disastrous and painful.  The easiest explanation is to simply instruct you to check out the video.

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