This is how a real NINJA deals with multiple attackers

Wait until you see how this NINJA deals with multiple attackers

I’m a pretty rational person and I love martial arts. It’s only natural that I’ve come to love the UFC, and what purpose it was trying to achieve in the first place.

In fact, the first UFC show had one precise purpose: getting to see which martial art was the most effective. Pretty simple, right? Well, before that legends and myths about martial arts were rife. Some karatekas believed they could kill someone with a single punch. Many boxers and other stand-up fighters were pretty sure that grappling was outright irrelevant in a fight. And so on.

The UFC put a halt to those wrong beliefs. Fighters from different backgrounds were invited to come to compete inside the Octagon to prove their claims. 23 years and thousands of MMA bouts later, global martial knowledge has come a long, long way and people had the privilege to acknowledge which form of combat was actually the most effective.

Spoiler: it’s the most complete one. You have to incorporate many different martial arts and techniques into your regimen if you wish to become a true fighter. That might seem like a no-brainer to you but in this day and age, there are STILL people who apparently believe that the martial art they’re into is the best combat style, like, ever.

Cue the gentlemen in the following video. The leader of the group is showcasing skills and moves that are supposed to make you able to deal with multiple attackers, even if they have knives!

If you assume that your opponents have as much balance as new-born toddlers and that you can get away from a deadly situation with sweet, smooth wrist locks then sure, that might work. I mean, this ‘ninja’ makes a pretty convincing demonstration here!