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Team Chum Sut Total Fighting
Gender Male

Tom Carlisle is a MMA fighter with a amateur fight record of 0 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws

Amateur Career Statistics

Amateur Record 0-2-2 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Career Length 8 months, 16 days
Rounds Fought 2.1
Avg. Fights/Year 6.0
Longest Layoff 8 months, 16 days
Quickest Turnaround 8 months, 16 days

Record BreakDown

Wins 0 0 0
Losses 0 2 0
Finish Rate 0.0%
Finished Rate 100.0%
Win by Decision Rate 0.0%
Loss by Decision Rate 0.0%
Win by KO Rate 0.0%
Loss by KO Rate 0.0%
Win by SUB Rate 0.0%
Loss by SUB Rate 100.0%
Loss Method
Ave. Rounds (Ws) 0.0
Ave. Length of Fight (Ws) 00:00
Ave. Rounds (Ls) 1.1
Ave. Length of Fight (Ls) 03:11
Finished Rounds

Official Amateur Fight Record

Date Opponent Weightclass Method Round Time
NSF 06/09/2001 D
Desmond McPeake
Vale Tudo Fight Night: Northern Ireland Vale Tudo Fight Night
NSF 09/24/2000 L
Thomas Duffin
Submission (Choke)
Irish Mixed Martial Arts: Trials
NSF 09/24/2000 D
Stewart Magill
Irish Mixed Martial Arts: Trials
NSF 09/24/2000 L
Mark Carson
Irish Mixed Martial Arts: Trials
* Bouts marked with an 'Official' logo denote results which have been verified by an ABC-recognized athletic commission
* Bouts marked with an (*) are considered exhibition bouts and do not count towards the fighter's record
* Weights marked with an (*) denote those over the limit for the weight class