Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground AEW DYNAMITE; THANKSGIVING EDITION

11/28/19 9:13 AM
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Uhh tf happened to the apron???


The apron facing the ramp was missing during PACs entrance aha


and yep! PAC and omega are killing it


ive become a huge omega fan he's so smooth

The apron was missing because they were still replacing the ring mat from the trap door spot. 

I assumed as much, just looked bad from a presentation/production perspective.

11/28/19 9:15 AM
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I fucking love the dark order idc what anyone says! 

These vignettes the last two weeks have done way more for them than the previous 7 weeks combined.

It’s still creepy gay nerd S&M...ish... but getting better. The idea of a flock of gimps to swarm people is good though. 

There's something about evil uno that I love.  The way he carries himself in the match, similar to Pentagon Jr

11/28/19 10:14 AM
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Just rewatched it. Something I never would do with a WWE product.

11/28/19 11:03 AM
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How was it live Grizz?

It was pretty good. Crowd was a bit more into it than came across on TV though. We saw them put Jericho's dad under the box, so we knew that was coming, but never saw the Butcher and the Blade go under the ring so that was a surprise.  I popped for it, and a few others in my section knew who they were, but overall people didn't know what to make of it until Allie showed up. Cody is unbelievably over, so debuting them by laying him out was a good call.


The AEW Dark matches were pretty good also, especially the Proud and Powerful/Jurassic Express match.  There was about 15-20 minutes of the faces giving out free merch and generally bullshitting with the crowd at the end of the night. Included in that they brought a guy from the crowd into the ring who was wearing a banana suit with a sign saying "I'm bananas for Aubrey". They called Aubrey back out and made Brandon Cutler lay down and job for him while Aubrey counted the pin.  They also announced that the next time they come back to Chicago it'll be for a PPV. Really fun night overall

11/28/19 5:32 PM
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11/28/19 11:32 PM
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I think they have promised every city a PPV pretty much.
11/29/19 1:57 AM
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^haha, cheap pop there with Chicago since All Out is there.


Here in Charlotte attendance was weakest , but strongest tv market for the show, no ppv promise , but I imagine we'll be on the heavy rotation.

11/29/19 1:58 PM
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I dont want omega to beat jericho

11/29/19 5:53 PM
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I think Mox will beat Jericho for the title at the Feb PPV.