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DO you guys think it is getting hard for people to like other wrestling than WWE? People have been spoon-fed this terrible shit the last 10 years and have become accustomed to that as "pro wrestling"


A guy at my work likes AEW, an older old school fan, but he said he got a few people to watch and they didn't like it. I think it was last week's show, which may be hard to follow if you missed the last few weeks.

Idk maybe people are ok with shit if that's all they have known?

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I refuse to believe that most WWE fans actually like the product. I mean, these crowds are dead for every show. I think a lot of people watch it out of tradition.

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I like AEW and want it to succeed but it's kind of retarded as well.

It's not gritty enough. You can't have Moxley viciously assault his opponent on the same card as Dark Order. That stable really bugs me because I don't get what they're supposed to be and one of their guys (who wrestles matches) has a terrible physique. 

Some of the guys don't work for me. SCU is about the most generic tag team there is in the company and they won the fucking tag belts. Insane. They have NO personality. Probably the least in the whole tournament. And they WON.

Jericho is cool as champ but his stable is bizarre. Sami is basically a jobber still. The LAX guys haven't done shit. They weren't even in the tag division, and yet Jericho/Sami got a shot over them? They need a bigger rub. Jake Hager and MJF should work out fine though.

The women's wrestling is shitty. Don't care if anyone disagrees, I am bored.

They need more attentiveness to their fanbase. Think ECW without the sleaziness. This company is only a step above TNA because its storylines aren't complete nonsense and there's less backstage promos.

Lastly.. I appreciate Young Bucks and Kenny putting over talent but they need to stop fucking jobbing so much. You're trying to make too many people at once. It won't mean shit soon enough. When they lost the ladder match against Lucha Dragons (for belts that don't even belong in AEW) I was like okay.. whatever. It's a good match. Then they lose to Private Party.. for shock value? Dumb. And Kenny's star is slowly falling instead of rising.

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Also depends because you're saying WWE but you cant really include NXT in that pile of crap


WWE main roster is exhausting frustrating and mind blowing awful at times, AEW so far is pretty meh to me.


But NXT is by far the most consistent and enjoyable to watch especially takeovers

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NXT is the most consistently good/great. AEW is next because of its freshness. I would then go SD then Raw, even though it's now been a few weeks since I've watched either of those.

I usually watch AEW first, then NXT, even though NXT is more often better. 

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For me i love AEW, yes NXT is awesome but i dont even think this is the best NXT has been. NxT was best during the fin, KO, Samoa joe, Asuka and Bailey era. 

AEW /NXT i look at like watching movies  NXT will win best picture but AEW will be the bluray you buy first day when its released 

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Fuck Khan, Cody, and Brandi for their SJW bullshit.

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Yeah, the bucks, kenny, and Cody just lose every match now. It’s fine once and a while but they’re basically losers. The biggest winners are Jericho, Neville, and Ambrose which is exactly what TNA would do. Putting WWE midcarders over your homegrown guys is a terrible strategy. 


Jerichos group is like a Puerto Rican street gang with a Canadian leader?


Brandi gives serious Stephanie McMahon vibes. I cringe when she’s on the tv. 

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I enjoy both AEW and WWE.  AEW reminds me of Nitro during its peak with great matches and everything building to the last segment of the show.  Unfortunately like WCW they are starting to get into the pattern of the shows all starting to follow the same formula over and over, but they are doing a solid job so far. 

WWE is just frustrating now. I'll always be a loyal supporter, but they just make it hard sometimes. There are so few surprises or big moments left yet they choose to waste things like Shawn Michaels return on a mid week PPV or CM Punk's return on a studio show with 50,000 viewers. If they were willing to have him work with them again it could have easily been worked out to debut him as a huge surprise on the first Fox Smackdown or in Chicago at Survivor Series. AEW just comes off as so much more fan-centric and exciting as a result. 

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Brandi is at least a thousand times hotter than Steph though.

The Bucks, Cody and Omega seem to be more concerned with getting everyone else over and established right now. Not a bad thing but it could be taken too far.
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I can't watch WWE anymore. Nothing happens. It's so boring. It's the same people, the same garbage, then they change up the feuds, but each feud is as generic and boring as the last one. And I find the matches to be boring as fuck.
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I guess it depends on the fanbase.   For me personally,  AEW has a lot of dumb shit they do, but they're still 100x better than WWE.  WWE is straight up unbearable .  The Lana-Rusev angle going on right now makes me embarrassed FOR WWE.  


It's really cringeworthy. 

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NWA Powerr -FTW!!!!!

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BigWilliam - Brandi is at least a thousand times hotter than Steph though.

The Bucks, Cody and Omega seem to be more concerned with getting everyone else over and established right now. Not a bad thing but it could be taken too far.

That's my concern, too. Even if they weren't AEW mgmt, Kenny and the Bucks were huge in NJPW; the AEW fans are smarks who know who they are and what they are capable of. Kenny and the Bucks deserve to be at the top, regardless of their backstage roles.
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The Pac-Page match on Wednesday was weird. They went to the top rope every other move, literally! I like top rope moves as much as anyone (at least I thought so), but it was ridiculous. I think highly of both guys and their Full Gear match, so it was a real head scratcher. Don't want matches micromanaged, but that shouldn't happen.


Dark Order is awesome!

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jujitsujamo -

NWA Powerr -FTW!!!!!

Imo the best thing going right now 

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While AEW isn't perfect, and the company as a whole certainly has it's flaws, it's so far and away better than almost everything that's happening on Raw and Smackdown right now. AEW doesn't feel like a chore to watch each week, and I actually look forward to watching it. I think the product is only going to get better as time goes on and they figure out exactly what they have in some of their talent.

Scorpio Sky for example, shouldn't be a tag team wrestler. He has all the makings  of being a top guy in the company very soon if allowed to be. Kenny should also be booked as a top guy in the company, and hopefully he stops putting anybody and everybody over himself soon. Little kinks like that need to be fixed, as well as focusing less on women's wrestling.