Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Alexa Bliss out of Money in the bank

5/16/19 1:19 PM
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5/16/19 3:01 PM
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If legit I hope this leads to her having more free time to post bikini shots this summer. 

5/16/19 3:05 PM
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Always look on the bright side.
5/16/19 3:51 PM
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WrestlingSucks - 

If legit I hope this leads to her having more free time to post bikini shots this summer. 

Probably lead to more shots of her stupid pig (not Nia Jax, the pet she owns).
5/17/19 6:06 AM
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Lol agree bikini shots would be good

5/17/19 9:09 AM
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Why? Is this related to the concussions?

Does this mean Nikki Cross is in?
5/18/19 6:37 AM
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Edited: 5/18/19 10:58 AM
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I don't understand why they have her in the ring at all anymore.   She is/was doing so good with her talk show segments and working the crowd that it quickly became apparent,  at least to me, that she is so much better utilized in that capacity than she is just being another faceless performer in the Monday night piss break segment. 


I'm not saying she's bad in the ring or anything.   She's not Dynamite Kid,  but she's okay.  She's just so much better at having an actual meaningful talent that could get herself or her talk show guest over that having her compete in actual matches is pointless. 


The problem with WWE is that their booking is so formulaic and predictable.   If a big event is announced or two people are presented in a feud,  any person that is not one of those people is never going to win.  They're just used as fodder, so as such, when you take someone like Bliss, who actually has a bit of talent and just continually keep augering her into the ground,  you just completely make the fans not give a fuck about her character. 


They should have her just do the show and go watch old Piper and Jericho videos.....I loved it when Piper and Jericho would sometimes be heels one week and then faces the next, kind of like when Bliss was a heel to the other women, but was a face when Sami Zayn was doing his heel schtick in Montreal. 


Theyre biting themselves in the ass off of this mirage of success that Ronda Rousey caused, and now they think that people actually give a fuck about the women's division and that regardless of how shitty their writing is, it's just going to be a layup. 


For fucks sake, would they just let people be good already?

5/18/19 6:32 PM
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It's being reported as being related to the concussions.

It's interesting to see what happens if Alexa cannot wrestle anymore. Her Moment of Bliss segments have actually been pretty cool, and she will always have value if they decide to use her in a valet role, like Maryse or Zelina Vega.

Look at Sasha. She's always been shit on the mic, and the longer she's out of action, the less fans care. There's always another hot chick who's ass looks great in ring gear. What else can you bring to the table? Alexa has appeal beyond just wrestling.

That said, I actually like the in-ring Alexa. I hope it's not over.
5/18/19 10:25 PM
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She’s too young to be having these problems and the women are too sloppy to risk her health.

Let her have the Moment of Bliss at a minimum. I’d love to see her work as a heel manager for a stable of men though. Give her Strowman, a tag team and a light heavyweight.

5/19/19 6:21 AM
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Yeah let her use all her talents and maybe just wrestle in big shows. She shouldnt be doing house shows with Nia

5/19/19 8:52 AM
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Another scary byproduct of this women's movement is that they are all getting into the ring and pushing way past the limits of their own skill level and athleticism, and bad shit is happening as a result.   Girls are getting dumped on their heads, taking legit punches to the face, and spots and moves get botched on an every match basis.


The reality of it is that the females do not have the athleticism or the durability that the men do, and most certainly not the skill or experience level,  and it pays off very badly in the form of injuries like this 


5/19/19 11:37 AM
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It really is retarded that they put the women through ladder and table matches. They have frames that are around 100 lbs less than the men and nia Jax. The bodies are not going to be as durable.