4/3/16 11:55 PM
Posts: 2671
Decent wrestling but an absolutely terrible show in my opinion. Phone Post 3.0
4/3/16 11:55 PM
Posts: 1908
I just puked. Not one person who the crowd favored won.... Phone Post 3.0
4/3/16 11:55 PM
Posts: 6858
Kwang - I would rather see Tatanka walk out with the strap at the end Phone Post 3.0
Shut up, Kwang Phone Post 3.0
4/3/16 11:55 PM
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FFS69 -
HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - Man, they didn't give the fans anything tonight. Big crotch chop from Vince. I believe him when he says he listened to the crowd. He listens, then does the exact opposite of that. Phone Post 3.0

Dude he listened to the crowd for the past 2 years and in the end it didn't help him.

That's true. Phone Post 3.0
4/3/16 11:56 PM
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jonnyjitsu uktt - Decent wrestling but an absolutely terrible show in my opinion. Phone Post 3.0

My opinion as well, but I'm just being negative.
4/3/16 11:56 PM
Posts: 912
Really underwhelming overall Phone Post 3.0
4/3/16 11:56 PM
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I would've canceled the network a long time ago if it wasn't for NXT. Phone Post 3.0
4/3/16 11:59 PM
Posts: 919
Now Tatanka can say that he was on not just one, but now TWO of the shittiest Mania's ever.
4/4/16 12:01 AM
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I don't care about the rest of the matches except Jericho/Styles and AJ lost!! WTF!? Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 12:07 AM
Posts: 914
Who's ready for a Cena/Reigns all face feud!? Puke Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 12:09 AM
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Lol this thread is great tonite. 81 pages that equals about 10 months worth of Raw lol.

Writing = F I'm sure coked out Vince changed the writing about 10 times before the show. The main event and Shane/Taker disappointed me the most, was hoping for someone to come.

Entertainment = A+ pretty much entertained through out the whole night.

Wrestling = B some good matches, some decent.

Over all I enjoyed it minus some bs holes in writing.

Let's see what slop they throw together tomorrow
4/4/16 12:10 AM
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austin should have hit the stunner on reigns to end the show
4/4/16 12:13 AM
Posts: 559
Pretty good overall. I really wonder what direction they'll take with Reigns. I can't imagine any scenario that'll get him cheers at this point. Maybe a solid heel turn tomorrow where he blames Dallas from denying his Wrasslemania moment? Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 12:15 AM
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How did the crowd come across? It sounded fairly decent in the stadium. Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 12:17 AM
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Tomorrow is basically a new year so expect to see some NXT ppl and others. Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 12:25 AM
Posts: 560
Who will the NXT call ups be tomorrow? Post Mania RAW is without question the best night of the year to be a fan. Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 12:28 AM
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EBD75 - Who will the NXT call ups be tomorrow? Post Mania RAW is without question the best night of the year to be a fan. Phone Post 3.0

I'm guessing Joe wins the IC title tomorrow. No way Ryder has it for more than a night.

4/4/16 12:42 AM
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you saw it already... baron corbin ;)
4/4/16 12:44 AM
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If they wanted to get reigns over, austin comes out and stunners hhh, then has a beer with roman. No way they boo him then Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 12:52 AM
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Corbin, Enzo, Cass, Carmella, and Samoa Joe are my guesses for the NXT call up's tomorrow night.
4/4/16 1:09 AM
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BrowBeater - Speaking of masterbation, what porn stars look like Stephanie?

A friend of mine wants to know... Phone Post 3.0


I jerked to this picture so many times over the years thinking it was Steph lol
4/4/16 1:46 AM
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Lol without looking I'm assuming it's the fake wet tshirt Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 1:51 AM
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its honestly pretty sad that even for their biggest show of the year the company cant get its shit together
4/4/16 2:04 AM
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Absolute letdown, there were signs pointing it would go down this way but I refused to believe it. The only real positives I can take away from it was the ladder match. Nice to see him win but I can't imagine Ryder keeps the title long, it does free KO and Zayn up for potentially one of the best rivalries in years. There's no title needed for those two to have an awesome rivalry. Cool to see Austin and co showing up, we all love a bit of nostalgia. Corbin winning was also brilliant, met the guy a few months back and he was a nice dude, hope he does well. The women's match was pretty decent too, Becky Lynch is a goddess. Sacha Banks is also fine.

Anyway onwards with the bitching...

Jericho beating styles was a terrible move, this was AJ's chance to have one of those 'mania moments' they always babble on about and they messed it up. Fingers crossed they leave that rivalry dead in its tracks and let him get in the mix for the IC belt.

The hell in a cell match was a bit slow and average, Shane's elbow will definitely make people remember it as being better than it actually was. The commentary was so shit. Barely any mention of what was at stake. I also thought they missed the boat not having Shane win. It could've signalled the start of something new and made the closing moments of the night even more dramatic. He doesn't even need to be on raw every week for it to work well either. The authority angle has worn thin, this was a chance to move on from it and they fucked it up.

The main event was a massive letdown, predictable and stunningly average. The boos for Reigns were insane, it actually made me feel bad for the guy. He's just doing his job, and it's not really his fault the top brass are obsessed with making him 'the man'. Fingers crossed for a heel turn on raw. Im not much of a fan but I think he'd knock that role out of the park.

Not the worst Wrasslemania but most definitely not one of the best. Phone Post 3.0
4/4/16 2:06 AM
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I forgot about the wyatts been crapped on too. Those guys should be steamrolling through people and I'm pretty sure they've lost every feud they've been involved in. Phone Post 3.0