Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Bret Hart talks about wrestlers who died

21 days ago
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From his dvd I think it was a bonus feature but I always loved this


21 days ago
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Dang. Dusty for sure. It seems many wrestlers have a similar experience as rock stars or even newly drafted NFL prospects. They go from nobodies to Rich sometimes overnight and they often times don't have a strong father figure, or close family to help guide them and direct them. Tell them to stay off roofs, drugs, and not to drink to much and many today would still be around. sad RIP


8 days ago
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Its sad.  The amount of people he directly worked with that are no longer here is absolutely staggering.   That video was a small piece. 

8 days ago
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Wrestlers from that era lost more friends than gang members 

7 days ago
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All the guys in that photo but Brett are dead.


Jim Neidhart
Brian Pillman
Owen Hart
British Bulldog


Brett Hart needs to drink a beer with Kevin Von Erich both those guys lost so much.