Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Cody Rhodes asking for his release

5/22/16 7:34 PM
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Cody's statement. Wow

5/22/16 7:38 PM
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Damn, so who is Titus O'Neil supposed to feud with now?
5/22/16 7:43 PM
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Wow. That is a pipe bomb. We all know creative is messed up. Hopefully this shines light on it and things can change. More than likely it won't. But here's to hope. Phone Post 3.0
5/22/16 8:26 PM
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in the words of Ron Simmons........DAMN

5/22/16 8:49 PM
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Bendos Toothpick -

I've said it before, Vince loathes the Runnels family. Dusty was a huge star he didn't created...let's put him in polka dots and make him dance. Also let's name a no talent hack Virgil and have been Million dollar mans errand boy. Let's takes Dustin and make him a drag queen. Now Cody had it all, the most talented on his family, but let's make him Stardust and have him job to Ryder on superstars. I too would be asking for my release to go to Japan or big Indy shows.

To be fair, Stardust, a terrible gimmick with a very low ceiling, is Cody's passion project.

Dude has always been an ardent public supporter of the low-rent shtick because he's a huge comic book geek and loves the idea of playing a super-villain.

If WWE had their way, he would have dumped the gimmick after Dream died and become Cody again, but Cody vetoed it because he thought it would be exploiting his dad's death....though in that case I'm not sure what you'd call the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, which he endorsed.

TBH I don't see the guy as a potential main event talent or anything, but when he was given a chance to get a push he opted to slum around with a prelim gimmick.


He wanted to be Cody Rhodes again. Read his release statement. Backstage ass hats buried him. Phone Post 3.0
5/22/16 8:57 PM
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Statements like Cody's make me question why I support the product. Phone Post 3.0
5/22/16 9:19 PM
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Sad really. Phone Post 3.0
5/22/16 10:04 PM
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grizz632 - Cody's statement. Wow


5/22/16 10:33 PM
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that whole brass ring speech is bullshit. if management doesn't want you over than you won't get over unless you are Daniel Bryan.
5/22/16 11:13 PM
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MMAhaiku - Statements like Cody's make me question why I support the product. Phone Post 3.0
Statements like this and the weekly proof on TV is why I don't watch the main product. It Consistently shows how frustrated the talent is and how little the Company actually values it's audience's intelligence. So much good wrestling out there from companies that give a damn about their audience. Phone Post 3.0
5/22/16 11:38 PM
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Yep, in the past two years I went from watching the product pretty regularly, to just loading it on my computer as background noise while I lift. If I don't get through an episode or I miss a week, I don't care.

Meanwhile, I make sure to watch every episode of NXT and Lucha Underground. I'd watch others too, except that the video and sound quality tends to suck for a lot of them. If I could watch them live, I would.
5/23/16 1:58 AM
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Seriously depressing. What the fuck...

Godspeed, Cody. I, for one, will enjoy seeing your talent taken elsewhere and appreciated. I feel I am not alone in that regard. Best wishes. Phone Post 3.0
5/23/16 3:08 AM
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Sure hope he lands on his feet somewhere he feels appreciated. Phone Post 3.0
5/23/16 4:02 AM
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Nothing but respect for him even more now after reading that Phone Post 3.0
Edited: 5/23/16 11:50 AM
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Maybe he gets a good run somewhere else and comes back on his own terms. Good luck Cody.
5/23/16 6:09 PM
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I enjoyed the Stardust character at first but it didn't take long to become stale.

Cody Rhodes is the best character for him.

Imagine if Randy Orton had a gimmick like that?

These 2nd generation guys who haven proven themselves deserve more. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/16 8:04 AM
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Under appreciated talent. He had the stupidest gimmicks, and always managed to make them memorable. Cheesy shit only lasts so long, just look at Santino. The moustache, the face mask, star dust, he made them all work. I've always felt he was a top talent, and hated to see him get stale in these gimmicks. Hope he finds what he's looking for. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/16 10:36 AM
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I throughly enjoyed when he was dashing Cody Rhodes. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/16 4:52 PM
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Terrible. It's very clearly that the writing and booking is beyond bad.
5/24/16 4:53 PM
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What a frustrating environment that must be to work in. Look at the bullshit they put Punk and Dbry through.
5/24/16 5:59 PM
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triso - What a frustrating environment that must be to work in. Look at the bullshit they put Punk and Dbry through.
This. Unless you are one of the chosen few it really does appear to be a stifling and demoralizing environment. Not to mention you are always on the road away from loved ones and can't have any semblance of a normal life.

The atmosphere in nxt seems to be completely the opposite. It has to be a rude awakening for them when they jump ship to the main roster. Phone Post 3.0
5/24/16 9:47 PM
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Eden just quit WWE also Phone Post 3.0
5/24/16 10:20 PM
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Vince McMahon Making Life Difficult for Cody Rhodes Post-WWE
by Nick Roman on May 24, 2016 at 12:21 pm

Cody Rhodes hasn't even been released for two full days, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is already making life difficult for the guy.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, McMahon wasn't exactly thrilled with the scathing statement Rhodes posted to social media following his release. In the statement, Rhodes essentially puts the company's two head writers on blast, one for not being particularly good at his job and the other for being too caught up in hitting on the female talent to do his job properly. The writers were eventually outed as Raw head writer Ed Koskey and Smackdown head writer Ryan Ward, which only added fuel to all this controversy Rhodes has stirred up in the past few days, as Rhodes made it clear he wasn't happy with the Stardust gimmick the company had stuck him with for well over a year. As it turns out, there were plans in place for him to finally ditch the gimmick either at WrestleMania 32 or the night after, and return to being Cody Rhodes. But the plans were nixed at the last minute.

"Vince McMahon and Triple H – and it was more Vince McMahon on this one, from what I was told – they decided [that] we're not going to do it," Meltzer said.

Rhodes got frustrated with his position in the company and asked for his release, before putting the explosive statement on social media. Now, the split has gone from relatively amicable to "not amicable" at all, as WWE is choosing to make life difficult for Rhodes by holding him to his WWE contract rather than granting him a full release. Naturally, this will make it difficult for him to work for another wrestling company any time soon. So any hopes of a run in New Japan or Lucha Underground or even TNA (hey, Cody himself said this isn't about money) are looking like pipe dreams for the foreseeable future.

No word on what the specifics of the restrictions to his contract are, or if he's going to hire legal counsel to find away around these restrictions, but one would imagine it's some sort of non-compete clause. As Meltzer puts it, WWE is "kind of putting the screws to him" by retroactively enforcing a non-compete clause out of spite. It's within WWE's power to do so, and it probably wasn't wise of Rhodes to speak out in the first place if he truly wanted to be free and clear, but being petty with contracts is not exactly a great look for the company. From all reports, Rhodes was a model employee until his release, after which he voiced justifiable frustrations with the company. Holding Rhodes back does nothing for WWE except earn them heat with fans who'd like to see Rhodes get the chance he was never given in WWE. Here's hoping Rhodes eventually does get that chance.
5/24/16 11:04 PM
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just saw on twitter his wife asked for her release today.
5/25/16 12:15 AM
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His wife's been released.

Lets face it, she's already married, she's not fucking one of the boys backstage, and she's black.

In other words, in VKM's book, three strikes and she's out.