Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground College Gameday and Roman Reigns

9/14/18 9:38 AM
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Cant wait to see his picks and the interaction with Corso.  This should be great!  Roman has the personality for it imo

9/14/18 10:20 AM
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Not so fast my friend!

9/14/18 10:35 AM
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I have never wanted to see someone get Superman punched more than Lee Corso

9/14/18 3:37 PM
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I cant wait!


Although they should have been at the Auburn / LSU game 

9/15/18 10:09 AM
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They could have at least had clips of him with the universal title and had the graphic correct.  

9/15/18 11:41 AM
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Is there a clip or anything?

9/15/18 11:46 AM
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He just arrived.

Has the title with him too


9/15/18 11:47 AM
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Said he's been waiting his whole life for this and the best moment of his life.  Must be a HUGE fan 

9/15/18 11:49 AM
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Oh, it’s today. I’m so out of the loop with football since I started my weekend schedule a couple years ago. Love the schedule, miss football.

9/15/18 9:24 PM
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Festus -

He just arrived.

Has the title with him too


You mean the belt?