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1/16/14 12:46 AM
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Curt Hennig cutting the Rougeau bros' clothes into pieces and pretending he didn't do it which led to the Rougeaus accusing the Bulldogs and Dynamite Kid kicking Jacques Rougeau's ass. Phone Post 3.0
1/16/14 6:33 AM
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On the Jericho podcast Bret told a story of Owen calling Stu during a Mania week and pretended to be another old time wrestler. Stu bought it and Owen called him out saying he was scared to try him back in day.

Henning was known for shaving one eyebrow off of wrestlers. There's an old 1 2 3 Kid headshot where he has no eyebrows.
1/16/14 11:45 AM
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I thought that JBL shit in someone's bag. Phone Post 3.0
1/16/14 3:56 PM
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Didn't JBL molest Charles Robinson? Like borderline prison rape if I recall. Not sure that counts as a rib so much as repressed homosexual tendencies.
1/16/14 4:24 PM
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This is from the site Iron Mike found:

Mark Henry went through a period where he was quite surly and unpleasant to be around as far as the WWE locker room was concerned. Mark had broken his leg and was on crutches at the time and was very unhappy about this and complaining very loudly about his situation to anyone who would listen. The problem of course with this is that wrestlers are about the least sympathetic people on the planet and responded to Marks emotional fragility by waiting for him to go to the bathroom and then stealing and hiding his crutches. Despite this happening several times Mark didn’t catch on to just take his crutches to the bathroom with him and instead decided to threaten the entire locker room with bodily harm if anyone messed with his crutches. Mistake number 2..never threaten a locker room full of wrestlers, it will not end well.

Sure enough, when Mark Henry left the room, an unnamed person believed to be X-Pac Sean Waltman took the foot long sandwich Mark Henry was planning to have for his lunch and defected in the middle of it with the joke being that Mark would unwrap his sandwich, immediately see what had happened and be mad about it. What nobody foresaw happening was that Mark would unwrap his sandwich and start eating it without noticing what had been added which is of course exactly what happened. Reports differ as to how much of the sandwich he ate before he realised but suffice to say he ended up vomiting it all back up in the bathroom shortly after. When he returned from the bathroom his crutches had predictably been stolen again.

Just as he was about to go thermo nuclear Owen Hart told him Vince McMahon needed to see him on the other side of the arena immediately. This meant poor Mark had to limp his way across the arena only to find Vince wasn’t there and indeed hadn’t been at the arena all day. This must represent the single worst day in Mark Henrys career and that covers quite a bit of ground.
1/16/14 4:27 PM
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Owen Hart was a huge prankster from what I've read! Here's a few stories I've found online from different websites from other wrestlers:

Jim Ross: "As the head of WWE Talent once upon a time, I had to have a "sit down" with a wrestler before a live TV show I was going to broadcast about the individual's alleged drug use. I recall the rumor was that this person was allegedly using cocaine. Nonetheless the word of the meeting spread almost immediately amongst the wrestlers, imagine that (telephone, telegraph, tell a wrestler) and of course word got back to Owen. So later that day he purposely and literally ran into me in the hall way in the locker room area as I was walking with my head down looking at some notes for that night's broadcast. When our bodies collided I looked up and saw it was Owen and he had taken powdered sugar off a donut and put an ample amount of it all under his nose and his eyes were barely open as if he was severely impaired. At that exact moment I did not think it was too funny, but within seconds and after he burst out laughing I easily found the humor in his stunt and it actually allowed me to release some of the stress that I was feeling from the previous "sit down." "

- Another Owen Hart story was he once took Vince McMahon's briefcase and hid it on top of a ceiling fan. Vince was furious because he couldn't find it.

Davey Boy Smith: "We were in Virginia and there were some plain clothes police officers there and I had a water gun. I was shooting water at them and they were getting really mad. They approached me and asked who was doing it? I said Lex Luger. They said we would like to get him. I told them that he's driving the car tonight back to the hotel, why don't you try to follow us? Lex is notorious for driving through stop signs and red lights. That night he was driving real good, so I yanked the wheel out of his hands and he was like, 'What are you doing?' the police then sped up behind us in a ghost car. I told Lex it was Shawn Michaels and he was trying to race us. So, he drove faster. Now the police were getting really mad. The cops put a light on the roof and Lex says, 'Davey, it's the police.' It was me and Lex in the front and Owen in the back. I had put the water pistol in Lex's sweat pants and he didn't know it. The police pulled us over. After taking his license and registration, the police walked back toward their car. I yelled at the police, 'Blow it out your ass!' The cop turned around, immediately, walked back to our car, and told Lex to get out of the car. Lex said, 'It wasn't me. It wasn't me.' The officer looked in the back seat and asked Owen who said that? Owen sheepishly points and say it was Lex Luger. The police officer takes Lex out of the car, spreads his arms and legs, and pats him down and says, 'He's got a gun!' I go to get out of the car to tell the police that the rib has gone far enough and then Lex says, 'Please, Davey, get in the car, you are making things worse.' This wasn't far from the arena, and there were a bunch of wrestling fans and even Vince McMahon in his limo saw it all going down."
1/16/14 6:25 PM
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BigWilliam - Didn't JBL molest Charles Robinson? Like borderline prison rape if I recall. Not sure that counts as a rib so much as repressed homosexual tendencies.
Never heard this, but JBL and Duke "the dumpster" droese had an incident over duke raping women:

Bradshaw vs. Duke Droese
There was a scene between Bradshaw and Duke the Dumpster Droese, that has gained some fame. Apparently, Droese was making homemade GHB, and slipping it into girls drinks and raping them. The wrestlers backstage had told him how distasteful it was. But someone got word of it, and told Bradshaw to take care of it. So he essentially tied Droese up in the shower, and the stories vary from there. The most widely told version would be that Droese ended up raped in some way shape or form. I am more likely to believe that Bradshaw just made him think he was going to get raped. Phone Post 3.0
1/16/14 7:35 PM
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This thread is awesome. VU! Phone Post 3.0
1/16/14 8:08 PM
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Kevin Nash

On X-Pac joining The Kilq: “Pac did that angle when he was the 1-2-3 Kid. It was his 21st birthday, Kid’s, Hennig and the Smoking Gunns took him out, Bart and Billy Gunn. The next day he shows up at TV and he’s missing an eyebrow. They got him all f***ed up and shaved his eyebrow. Now Kid makes the decision to shave both his eyebrows. So he gets to TV and lo and behold, they’re going to shoot his 8×10. So that son of a b**** on his 8×10 has got no eyebrows. Back then there wasn’t no money in the WWF so I think that photo followed him for about two years. The funniest thing was he knew it was either the Smoking Gunns or Kurt. And because him and Kurt were buddies for many [years], he made the calculation that it had to be the Smoking Gunns. We’re in El Paso, and I look over and see Kid’s over there and he’s got super glue and he’s putting it around the brim of the cowboy’s hats. I’m like what the f***. The Kid’s like a buck 70, Billy and Bart are two big ol’ raw bone dudes. That’s one thing people don’t realize. Until you shake hands with Billy Gunn, look him in the eyes, you have no idea how big that dude is. That’s a grown man. Bart was the same way.

We go to the curtain, Smoking Gunns, they put their hats on, they go out there, shoot the pistols and go to pull off their hats and the s***’s glued to their hair. I about p***ed myself. We looked down at Kid, he was standing there, he watched it, he turned, looked at us and smacked his hands together like f*** you, job well done. We said dude, you’re going to need some protection. You need to get in our car. He jumped in [with the Kliq] on that there. I want this mother f***er in our car. The thing was, that mother f***er could go. He’s been going since he was 17, you know, so he was a working mother f***er. He was another one of the people that loved to talk the business.” Phone Post 3.0
1/16/14 10:50 PM
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Picture of xpac with no eyebrows Phone Post 3.0
1/17/14 12:29 AM
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brody3316 -

Picture of xpac with no eyebrows Phone Post 3.0
LMAO Phone Post 3.0
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I remember seeing that weird 1-2-3 kid pic before and thinking he looked like an alien. I never actually noticed the dude had no eyebrows!! lollll Phone Post 3.0
1/18/14 1:29 AM
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That picture will never stop being funny Phone Post 3.0