Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground Favourite wrestlers autobiographies?

8/16/19 5:28 PM
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I re read Foley's 2nd book a couple years ago. I enjoyed it the first time but I was young, maybe 15 at the most? I re read it and HATED it, it made me sour big time on Foley. The thing is I don't remember specifically why. I'd have to re read it again but I know I hated it the 2nd time around.

8/16/19 6:39 PM
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Kurt Angle. It's true, it's true. 


The tale of his Olympic training is an amazing story of discipline and determination.

8/20/19 3:11 AM
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Dynamite's. Foley's 1st, and Flair's were all good. Not a bio, but Ring of Hell -- about Benoit and the dark side of wrestling in both the US and Japan-- is as good as it is disquieting.
8/20/19 5:04 AM
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Havent read many, and I read them all when I was young. The Hardy's was good, so was Jericho's. I remember Batista's being alright, it seemed super honest at the time. Foley's was hard to read, but I remember enjoying what I did read.

23 days ago
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Dynamite comes off like an honest asshole in his book: I actually believe he was truthful. Diana Hart corroborated some of what he said: holding a gun to his wife's head and some other stuff.