Art Vandelay's Pro Wrestling Ground GLOW season 3 comes out Friday (Aug 9th)

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My god that Liberty Bell has a body on her! Wish I was a Vegas valet when I was younger. I also had no idea that was Gina Davis until reading this thread. Not bad for her age, still wood.
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Steve4192 - Finally getting around to watching it. Not as much fun as the first season, but still worth watching. If nothing else, I appreciate Brie and Gilpin being troopers and showing their titties. None of that shit that Emilia Clarke pulled on Game of Thrones.

What?! Emilia Clarke repeatedly showing her titties was appreciated worldwide.

In season one.

Once the show became a hit and she had a little leverage, she put the kibosh on showing her boobies.

She also showed her titties in the episode where she burned the Khals alive and got the other Dothraki to follow her.