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6/28/16 11:59 PM
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Some threads pop up about indy wrestling every now and then but I figured having a thread to discuss any and all of the companies/wrestlers/goings on would be good. So have at it, what companies are you watching? What upcoming shows are you looking forward to?

To kick things off, here's the first 12 participants for PWG's BOLA 2016

Cody Rhodes
Jeff Cobb
Mark Haskins
Dalton Castle
Pete Dunne
Sami Callihan
Tommy End
Trevor Lee
Adam Cole
John Hennigan
Jack Gallagher
6/29/16 12:02 AM
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I'd also like to toss out there that subscribing to "Demand Progress" was the best decision I've made in recent memory. Progress is one of the best companies in the world right now and you get access to every show they've ever done for less than $10 a month. Just subscribing for a month to watch the Super Strong 16 tournament from last month is more than worth it
6/29/16 12:03 AM
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I'm so out of the loop on Indies these days. Only know like 4 of those guys including Cody.

Definitely seems like a better time than ever to be an Indy fan though. Excluding 04-08 RoH. Phone Post 3.0
6/29/16 12:14 AM
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Not sure which 4 you know, but here's a quick summary:

John Hennigan is Johnny Mundo/John Morrison from WWE/Lucha Underground
Jeff Cobb is Matanza from Lucha Underground
Kamaitachi is a New Japan dojo wrestler that's been on a learning excursion in CMLL for the last year plus, he's working for ROH now before he returns to New Japan
Haskins, Dunne, and Gallagher are English wrestlers from Progress. Haskins had a cup of coffee with TNA, Gallagher is in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, all 3 are tremendous
Tommy End is another European guy, he just signed with WWE recently
Trevor Lee was trained by the Hardys and was recently TNA X-Division Champion
Dalton Castle is hard to explain, but awesome
Adam Cole is Adam Cole baybay!
Sami Callihan is hot garbage
6/29/16 12:27 AM
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It's fucking impossible to get pwg tix. Last three times I tried they sold out in seconds. Phone Post 3.0
6/29/16 12:35 AM
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The last show was sold out instantly, the feeding frenzy for BOLA tickets is going to be absurd Phone Post 3.0
6/29/16 12:40 AM
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Yeah I don't know if it just comes down to luck or what cause I've definitely been waiting at my computer ten minutes before they go on sale each time.

Went to bola two years ago for shits and giggles and it was the best/worst thing that ever happened to me. Had no idea the product would be so good and it was in my "backyard" the whole time all these years. Completely reignited my love for prowrestling. Phone Post 3.0
6/29/16 1:02 AM
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make sure you have money in your paypal account already when you log on to get PWG tickets. It's a total crap shoot. Good luck!

Dalton Castle has never had a match less than 4 1/2 stars. And in a completely unrelated topic, there use to be a guy in CHIKARA called Ashley Remington who never had a match less than 4 3/4 stars.

With Cobb in there, I think we might see another 2-3 Lucha Underground guys. Pentagon Jr. was so fucking over last year.
6/29/16 1:14 AM
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I'm definitely gonna at least try for BOLA tix haha Phone Post 3.0
6/29/16 8:37 PM
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Chris Hero, Mark Andrews, Ricochet, and Matt Riddle added to BOLA.
6/30/16 12:13 AM
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Riddle is a really cool surprise, really stoked Mandrews is back too Phone Post 3.0
7/1/16 6:53 AM
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Gabe announced on Twitter last night that Roderick Strong is returning to Evolve on the 7/16 show in Queens Phone Post 3.0
7/1/16 8:13 AM
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Another great thread Grizz!
Curious to why you dislike Calihan, I liked him Alot back in the day with Jon Moxley(Dean Ambrose) Phone Post 3.0
7/1/16 3:04 PM
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I don't dislike Callihan, but I don't like him either. I am completely indifferent to him.

highspots, rfvideo, and other places have Fourth of July sales if anybody wants to pick up indy dvd's. you can also sign up for the Highspots network for just $4 for the first month.
7/1/16 5:01 PM
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Marty Scurll, Matt Sydal, Kyle O'Reilly, and Fenix have been added to BOLA Phone Post 3.0
7/2/16 4:38 AM
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Man, I had no idea Trevor Lee has finally blown up. I knew dude way back in the day from the BYWL. Under the screen name MindBenderTL...dude had an INSANE running shooting star press he did. It seemed like he could legit float/glide 5-6 feet of distance with it. The last I saw of him he was doing some indies in Virginia and had basically nixed all of the flippy shit and was working as a straight southern heel (and doing a fine job of it)...
7/2/16 5:24 AM
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awesome BOLA lineup. Maybe the best ever and thats saying something. PWG is the best usa indy promotion IMO.
7/2/16 1:14 PM
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TtoMyJ14 - awesome BOLA lineup. Maybe the best ever and thats saying something. PWG is the best usa indy promotion IMO.

Still 4 spots yet to be announced too
7/3/16 12:02 PM
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PWG is of course still awesome, but this year has definitely been a status quo year for them. Still amazing in ring work and they sell out their shows in seconds. But we are exactly where we were with them 9 months ago, even with Sabre as the champion now.

There have been 3 tag matches total in the 5 shows in 2016 so far. Tag matches were one of PWG's specialties not to long ago. Phone Post 3.0
7/3/16 12:08 PM
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Is BOLA on iPPV or is there another way to watch the event live? Phone Post 3.0
7/3/16 1:11 PM
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PWG doesn't do iPPV, that's a big reason they can book a lot of the people they do since some of them work for TNA and ROH and can't work for companies that have TV or iPPV. The only way to see BOLA is live in Reseda or a few months later on DVD Phone Post 3.0
7/3/16 2:02 PM
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Makes sense. Phone Post 3.0
7/6/16 1:46 AM
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Bro, check it out bro, Evolve put out another one of their mini docs, this one's on Matt Riddle bro

7/9/16 1:10 PM
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I went to the ROH show last night in Baltimore, it was a really fun show. They also ran their first WOH show before, which made for a long night but still a fun show. Also the venue didn't run out of beer this time(they've run out the last 2 times they were here) First time seeing Candice Lerae live, she was awesome and had a good match against Kelly Klein with BJ Whitmer in her corner.(Whitmer is a great heel) Lio Rush vs Jay White was really good with White going over, I'm looking foward to seeing him live more now that he is working over here in the states. I may be in the minority but I like the Cabinet stable they have with ANX and Caprice Coleman and their goal to make wrestling great again. I also just enjoy heels coming to town and trashing the shitty city that is Baltimore. Calling the fans out for supporting a murderer is always an easy way to get heat. A few years ago Corrino(while wearing a canary yellow suit) brought up the rumor that Cal Ripken had the O's cancel a game to keep his ironman streak going after he had caught Kevin Costner with his wife. Kamaitachi vs Bobby Fish was also a very good match. The main event was a 6 man with the Bullet Club(Adam Cole and Page and Nick Jackson) vs Jay Lethal, Jay Briscoe and Colt Cabana. Phone Post 3.0
7/9/16 5:47 PM
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The final 4 for BOLA have been announced:

Pentagon Jr
Zack Sabre Jr
Will Ospreay
Jushin Thunder Liger

Holy shit. Phone Post 3.0