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7/9/16 8:54 PM
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I was fucking thinking to myself what if liger did bola. I thought that was a nonsense idea. FUCKING ABSOLUTE SHIT Phone Post 3.0
7/9/16 11:42 PM
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Interrupting my vacation to post here. (I'm in Grizz's favourite city, Toronto!!!)

Holy fucking shit. That BOLA lineup is insane!!!! The problem is that there is about 18 guys who I want to win in the opening round. Phone Post 3.0
7/10/16 1:05 AM
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Toronto can eat my ass
7/10/16 2:22 PM
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Joey Ryan is obviously ready for the big Vader/Ospreay match

7/11/16 1:26 AM
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How does one watch PWG and the BOLA tourney? Phone Post 3.0
7/11/16 1:33 AM
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Finn Balor - How does one watch PWG and the BOLA tourney? Phone Post 3.0
Be there live or afterwards buy the dvds or now u can download events on Phone Post 3.0
7/11/16 2:01 AM
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The downloads are usually 1 behind, when the newest DVD comes out the show before then becomes available for download.

I've been behind on my pwg viewing, but I just got a bunch of DVDs when I was at the ROH show Friday Phone Post 3.0
7/11/16 10:36 AM
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good god the matchups. Liger vs Pentagon Jr = dead
7/11/16 11:09 AM
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AAW has what's shaping up to be a great show coming up in two weeks and it's only about a half hour drive from my house, so I may have to go. Lineup so far:

AAW Championship: Sami Callihan (c) vs Pentagon Jr
Zack Sabre Jr vs Cedric Alexander
Marty Scurll vs Fenix
Silas Young vs Josh Alexander Phone Post 3.0
7/11/16 9:32 PM
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AAW is becoming PWG midwest.

Every holiday season, PWG does a 5 for $40 sale. Great way to catch up on their shows. Phone Post 3.0
7/11/16 10:01 PM
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Considering AAW usually runs their shows a few minutes from my house I'm perfectly fine with them becoming PWG Midwest. Haven't been to one of their shows in a while but I'll definitely be going to more in the future Phone Post 3.0
7/12/16 8:57 AM
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sub Phone Post 3.0
7/12/16 7:34 PM
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So here's an interesting bit of news:

Paul Heyman is on a speaking tour in England and he had a Q&A today with a panel that included Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll. Apparently, Paul pulled out a contract from Evolve and handed it to Ospreay and said something to the effect of "they'd love to have you over there" and said that it was written in a way that won't conflict with his Japanese dates with NJPW. He then turned to Scurll and said "you're next!"

Not sure what to make of this, but getting more Ospreay and Scurll in Evolve is ok with me Phone Post 3.0
7/12/16 7:45 PM
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7/13/16 7:49 AM
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Well, it finally happened. Indy wrestling has left me far behind. I have no fucking clue who anyone is anymore. :-(
7/13/16 8:17 AM
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Never too late D, jump back in Phone Post 3.0
7/14/16 12:04 PM
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Tommaso Ciampa's last indie appearance will be September 25th against Zack Sabre Jr for Progress, he'll be full time for NXT after that
7/14/16 6:22 PM
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Germany's wXw is entering the streaming game. They're offering a new monthly service through Vimeo, "wXw NOW". Every big wXw event will be available 72 hours after the final bell in HD, and their "marquee" events like the 16 Carat Gold tournament will have English commentary. They also announced a ton of original content, including expanding their weekly TV show to an hour, lots of interview shows, and a "time traveler" show where wXw's general managers discuss the early 16 Carat tournaments. The price will be €10 a month, which is well worth it for a month just to binge watch old 16 Carat tournaments Phone Post 3.0
7/14/16 9:39 PM
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Aren't all WXW shows on the highspots network? Phone Post 3.0
7/14/16 11:19 PM
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Not sure, if they are they'll be on wXw's service a lot quicker I bet Phone Post 3.0
7/16/16 3:04 PM
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Evolve 64 starts in about an hour on iPPV, looks like a great show

EVOLVE Championship Match
Timothy Thatcher defends vs. Marty Scurll

Special Attraction Match
Roderick Strong vs. Matt Riddle

Grudge Match
Drew Galloway vs. Drew Gulak

WWE Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Cedric Alexander

WWE Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight Match
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. TJ Perkins

Also appearing:
-Tracy Williams
-Ethan Page
-Fred Yehi
-Tony Nese Phone Post 3.0
7/17/16 3:14 PM
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Love seeing Matt Riddle doing so well Phone Post 3.0
7/18/16 7:01 PM
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First BOLA matches are being announced

Will Ospreay vs Fenix on night 1
Matt Riddle vs Kyle O'Reilly on night 2
Ospreay/Ricochet/Sydal vs Bullet Club (Bucks/Cole) on night 2 Phone Post 3.0
7/19/16 4:23 PM
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More BOLA matches:

Dalton Castle vs Jack Gallagher on night 2
Jushin Thunder Liger vs Chris Hero on night 1
Non-tournament: Pentagon Jr & Fenix vs Heroes Eventually Die (Chris Hero & Tommy End) on night 2 Phone Post 3.0
7/20/16 6:48 PM
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So, remember that Evolve contract I mentioned that Heyman gave Will Ospreay last week? He signed it. Evolve will pay for his US work visa and he'll be exclusive to Evolve in the US with the exception of other indies that Evolve let's their guys work for like PWG. Zack Sabre Jr has a similar deal with Evolve also.

Big get for Evolve and a huge loss for ROH. Despite their working relationship with NJPW and Ospreay being contracted to NJPW, the Evolve deal means he can't work for ROH in the US. And as much as I love watching him and Evolve, I question the deal from Ospreay's point of view. He's now got commitments to NJPW, Evolve, Progress, Rev Pro, and is doing other random dates like PWG. He's been working hurt for a while now and needs a break. He's going to become the next Dynamite Kid if he doesn't slow down and rest his body a bit. Phone Post 3.0