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7/31/16 4:07 PM
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ROH has a bunch of contracts expiring in the next couple of months and apparently everyone hates Delirious' booking. After they just lost guys like Roderick Strong and Moose if these guys don't renew they're fucked

Donovan Dijak (September)
Jay Lethal (December)
Adam Cole (December)
Matt Jackson (December)
Nick Jackson (December)
Kyle O’Reilly (December)
Bobby Fish (December) Phone Post 3.0
7/31/16 4:16 PM
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Hey maybe a dumb question but why isn't Roderick strong in BOLA? IS That because of contract conflicts? Phone Post 3.0
7/31/16 4:27 PM
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"Thirteen" was his PWG farewell. He's probably joining NXT at some point soon Phone Post 3.0
7/31/16 7:40 PM
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I can't remember the last time I was this cold on the ROH product. If the New Japan guys aren't in, I barely even look at results. Phone Post 3.0
7/31/16 9:50 PM
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Hadn't Delerious been booking for years? Like since 08' or something? Phone Post 3.0
7/31/16 9:56 PM
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RKing85 - I can't remember the last time I was this cold on the ROH product. If the New Japan guys aren't in, I barely even look at results. Phone Post 3.0
Exactly how I feel...going to the ROH PPV in August...only because of the New Japan gis. Phone Post 3.0
7/31/16 11:06 PM
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I don't think Delirious has been booking quite that long. 2011 maybe? Phone Post 3.0
7/31/16 11:57 PM
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2010 is when Delirious took over from Adam Pearce Phone Post 3.0
8/1/16 12:22 PM
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I've been trying to avoid spoilers until it's released on demand.Progress but this has been impossible to avoid. William Regal appeared at Progress Chapter 33 this past Sunday and watched the entire show from a VIP area. After the show, he met with most if not all of the wrestlers on the show offering advice/critiques of the show. Not sure it means anything as far as NXT goes, but it's interesting

Also, Progress is hyping a big announcement on their Facebook today at 7pm, which is in less than 2 hours. The pic accompanying the announcement was just the Roman numeral "III". I'm guessing it will be the announcement of the third "Thunderbastard" match to determine the next challenger for the Progress world title, but that's just a guess Phone Post 3.0
8/1/16 12:54 PM
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RKing85 - I can't remember the last time I was this cold on the ROH product. If the New Japan guys aren't in, I barely even look at results. Phone Post 3.0
Same. I am usually supportive of competition but at this point I really wouldnt be all that bothered if ROH and TNA went under. The WWE needs plenty of new talent now that they have 3 seperate rosters to bolster too. Phone Post 3.0
8/1/16 2:49 PM
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I just keep track of what Dalton Castle is doing. Cause he is the greatest man who ever lived (sorry Austin Aries).

WWE should open a satellite NXT school in the UK. Have people do 6 months there before moving over to big NXT in Florida. Phone Post 3.0
8/1/16 2:56 PM
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I was wrong about the Progress announcement. They used "III" because they had 3 announcements with a few relating to the number 3 in other ways:

1 - A third day has been added to the upcoming joint Progress/Smash Wrestling tour of Canada

2 - Super Strong Style 16 for 2017 will now be 3 days instead of 2

3 - Next year they will be running shows in a third city, Birmingham, in addition to the shows they already do in London and Manchester

Great to see them expanding, they deserve all the success they're getting. If I lived in the UK I'd be a season ticket holder for Progress, no question Phone Post 3.0
8/1/16 3:09 PM
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I will definitely drag as many people who are even remotely interested in wrestling as I can along when they come to Birmingham. Progress is genuinely one of the best promotions on the planet right now. 

Edited: 8/1/16 4:07 PM
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Birmingham dates are January 15th and July 9th

8/3/16 4:41 AM
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Holy shit only just saw that Revpro is doing Will Ospreay vs fucking VADER on the 12th!!


This I have to see. 

8/4/16 1:37 PM
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ROH announced today that CMLL's Dragon Lee will be making his ROH debut on 9/30 in Lowell as part of All Star Extravaganza VIII Phone Post 3.0
8/7/16 1:07 PM
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FYI, Progress Chapter 33 went up on demand.progress a few hours ago. I'm about halfway through it and it's been a good show thus far. The amount of heat Zack Gibson can generate is absolutely remarkable, he's becoming one of the top heels anywhere in the world Phone Post 3.0
8/7/16 4:13 PM
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I'm gonna have to binge watch the last few days of the G1 to catch up and then i'll watch. Havent seen the latest CWC either.

I'm giving up on Raw and SD for a bit I think. I reckon they are better than they were before the brand split but not to the extent that I can waste 5 hours a week on them when theres so much else to watch. Phone Post 3.0
8/7/16 11:12 PM
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Smackdown draft and RAW after Mania are the only two RAW and Smackdown shows I have watched start to finish so far this year.

Too much good wrestling out there to waste my time on WWE shit.
8/8/16 5:35 AM
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A friend of mine in Iowa says there's an indy show coming in October that has Silas Young, Zema Ion, Trevor Lee, Chavo Guererro, AR Fox, PJ Black Sami Callahan, Brian Cage and Lince Dorado. I may have to make a road trip for that one.
8/8/16 8:35 AM
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Grizz would crawl through 10 miles of broken glass to watch Sami Callahan live.

I would do likewise for Chavo Guerrero.
8/9/16 11:34 AM
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The show is in Des Moines, IA on October 28th
8/12/16 6:11 PM
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So yeah, this just happened

8/12/16 6:36 PM
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vader really went over? What a fuckin joke
8/12/16 6:41 PM
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TtoMyJ14 - vader really went over? What a fuckin joke
There were substantial shenanigans from Pete Dunne that caused it, so it wasn't a clean win Phone Post 3.0