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15 days ago
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AlphaTardTravisFan -

Woah ! Why is Smallman leaving Progress ?

He's working for NXT UK full time and decided to stop doing his other gigs to free up some time for his family. He's leaving Progress, stopped doing stand up comedy, and gave up his Tuesday Night Jaw podcast 

14 days ago
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Added to BOLA: 

Jeff Cobb

Dragon Lee

Pentagon Jr

13 days ago
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The final entrant for BOLA is Daisuke Sekimoto

5 days ago
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BOLA matches

Night 1
Jeff Cobb X Daisuke Sekimoto
Jonathan Gresham X Artemis Spencer
Darby Allin X Black Taurus
Dragon Lee X Rey Horus
Brody King X Caveman Ugg
A Kid X Lucky Kid
Pentagon and Fenix X Bandido and Flamita
Joey Janela and Alex Zayne X Tony Deppen and Blake Christian

Night 2
Bandido X Laredo Kid
Orange Cassidy X David Starr
Pentagon Jr. X Tony Deppen
Fenix X Aramis
Joey Janela X Mick Moretti
Jack Atlas X Jungle Boy
Rascalz X Aussie Open
Daisuke Sekimoto and Jonathan Gresham X Jeff Cobb and Brody King

Night 3
Aussie Open X Dark Order
5 days ago
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Aramis is a replacement for Barbaro Cavenario, who is out of BOLA